One Man’s Trash: Week 14 Report

WEEK 14: Emlen Street to Chestnut Hill Avenue


Comments and photos to come.

1 12oz bottle (old green no label)
1 10oz bottle Pepsi (old school)
2 12oz bottles Foster’s
1 12oz bottle Landshark
1 12oz bottle Budweiser
2 pieces random broken glass

1 food tub
2 pieces random styrofoam

1 gray sweatshirt
1 pink baby sock
1 tan/white(?) t-shirt

1 wrapper Wrigley’s gum
2 bag checks (US Airways)

1 Nalgene
1 half gallon bottle Welch’s grape juice
1 16oz Sierra Mist Natural
1 18oz bottle Pure Leaf Tea
1 16oz bottle Orange Crush
1 16oz bottle Vitamin Water acai blueberry
1 12oz bottle Wawa tea
1 16oz bottle water Kirkland
1 24oz bottle Pepsi
1 16oz bottle water B Just the Basics
3 16oz bottles water (no labels)
1 20oz bottle water (no label)
1 tub Dannon Light Greek yogurt
2 red Solo cups
1 food tub and lid
1 wrapper Herr’s peanut butter cheese crackers
1 spoon
1 lollipop stick
1 bag Planter’s Nut-rition (unopened)
1 small wrapped Red Bird candy
3 unused dog bags
2 tabs E-Gel (“Just Don’t Litter” on them)
1 label 5 Hour Energy Drink
1 label Kirkland bottle water
1 label Deer Park bottle water
1 label Acadia bottle water
1 wrapper Kellogg’s Super Mario fruit snacks
1 Ziploc bag
1 pouch Capri Sun (wild cherry)
1 bag Ruffles potato chips (cheddar and sour cream)
1 random jar lid

1 Whip-It cartridge
1 24oz can Keystone Ice
1 24oz can Arizona peach tea
5 12oz cans Natural Light
2 12oz cans Natural Ice
1 12oz can Pepsi
1 8oz can Bud Light Lime-A-Rita
2 12oz cans Miller Lite
2 12oz cans Budweiser
1 12oz can Budweiser Select
1 12oz can Sunkist
1 12oz can Miller High Life (pull tab)
1 part of a pipe

1 broom head
3 cigarette butts
1 twist-tie romaine lettuce
1 plastic ring toy
1 large oyster shell
1 can Axe Body Spray dark temptation
1 secret kit:
1 pair glasses frames
1 toy Grape Splash can (mini)
1 pencil sharpener
3 small alien figurines
1 flattened penny
1 glass blown rainbow
1 Ziploc bag with pen and pad: College of Design, University of Minnesota

2 pink rubber balls

1 dog shit piles
7 dog shit bags
0 dogs on leash
4 dogs off leash


– Big pile of giant pieces of styrofoam just below Emlen Street
– Tire iron on east side of Cresheim Creek
– At Valley Green, two car alarms going off, loud guy walking in woods with friend talking about email
– Evening bird calls: “pretty bird pretty bird pretty bird”; “weep weep weep weep”; “sweet sweet sweet”; “birdy birdy birdy birdy”
– Hooboy, this was the hike with The Off-Leash Dog Incident

* * *

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Drop It Like A Tetrimino

Move left, homie!

Move left, homie!

Spring greetings, yous guys! Hate to sound like one of them blogs saying “sorry I ain’t blog on the blog” but I been a hog in a bog in the fog, sloggin’ like a cog in the smog. Need to groove more. I know that’s right.


Tell you what else is right: Playing Tetris on a 29-story building is pretty right and righteous. Beaucoup props to Philly Tech Week for turning Cira Centre into an arcade game for a second straight year. Because I am aging, I suffered a serious injury to my back while scrubbing the kitchen floor on Saturday and opted to self medicate with Wild Turkey in a very hot bath rather than transport a heavy camera and tripod via SEPTA and a long walk (at least when you’re injured) up the river path to the Art Museum. Imagine my surprise on Sunday morning when I got an email with the subject “Surprise! You’ve been selected to play Tetris on Cira Centre for a surprise second night.”

I was in fact surprised, and considering I ruled at Tetris as a teen with a Nintendo, I chose to play through the pain and not pass up this awesome second chance. The old Philly Skyline in me thinks it’s ridiculous that they STILL don’t turn out all the lights in Cira Centre overnight. I just can’t fathom that there are that many people across multiple floors at all hours inside that building. The LED dots are the nighttime half of the building’s design—how are there still blocks of several floors with the lights left on after almost ten years of this building, particularly when there are events programmed using the building’s exterior? But then the older me is all “who cares, we all die anyway.”

At any rate, the experience was rad, even if it only lasted like 30 seconds. As I was at Eakins Oval, I played Tetris against someone on the south side of the building. As my Tetriminos fell, the height of my opponent’s Tetriminos were measured in a stack of white dots on the far right of my board. Having gauged actual play by watching the first couple dozen players in front of me, I knew it unwise to wait around for a full, four-line Tetris. I just wanted to jam a few lines while I had the chance. So I did, and I beat whatever chump faced me!

* * *

Once upon a time this web site documented the construction of Cira Centre, photos you can still find in the old version HERE.

* * *

I would like to thank Delicias food truck for a simply delightful Philly Tech Week beef arepa, and also the dude who pulled up the old Tetris theme on his phone while his buddy played. Which reminds me, man, this is one excellent Youtube video:

One Man’s Trash: Week 13 Report

WEEK 13: Carpenter’s Woods to Green Lane


Comments and photos to come.

20 golf balls
1 golf ball shell
1 pink rubber ball

1 shoe inset
1 towel (tan)
1 knit hat (Comcast)

1 thick Sharpie (black)
2 packs Newport cigarettess
1 small US flag
1 piece random fabric
1 seashell princess wristband(???)
17 cigarette butts
1 rubber band
1 piece ribbon (pink)

1 32oz jar (old)
1 12oz Bud Light Platinum
1 7oz bottle (green no label)
1 12oz bottle Smirnoff Ice
1 12oz bottle (brown no label)
1 12oz bottle Bud Light Lime
1 half broken bottle

1 napkin
1 coffee sleeve (Menthos)
1 tub Rita’s water ice
1 12oz coffee cup Wawa
1 32oz McDonald’s cup
1 wrapper Wrigley’s gum
1 7oz carton Adam & Eve organic apple juice

2 14oz cups Dunkin Donuts coffee
3 pieces random styrofoam

1 16oz bottle Wawa green tea
1 24oz Brisk lemon tea
5 16oz bottles water (no labels)
1 16oz bottle water Wave
1 6oz bottle water (no label)
1 16oz bottle water Whole Foods 365
1 16oz bottle Rosenberger’s Dairy Grabba Iced Tea
1 16oz bottle Tropicana orange juice (no pulp)
1 16oz cup (purple)
1 tub Kraft macaroni & cheese
1 tub Cesar dog food
1 16oz bottle water Acme
1 packet McDonald’s ketchup
1 wrapper Quaker chewy granola bar
1 2oz bottle BioKult
1 food tub with lid
1 coffee lid
1 spoon
3 pieces random plastic (hard green)
1 comb (pink)
1 wrapper Brown Sugar Cinnamon (generic Pop Tart?)
1 bag Herr’s potato chips
2 random bottle caps
1 bag Doritos
1 wrapper Almond Joy
1 wrapper Butterfinger
1 bag Frito Lay sunflower seeds
1 label Simply H2O water bottle
2 pouches Capri Sun (1 Pacific Cooler, 1 Surfer Cooler)
1 label Aquafina water bottle
3 coffee lids
1 piece reflector
2 wrappers Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews
1 wrapper Fla-vor-Ice
1 wrapper Butterfinger snackers
1 wrapper Game blunt
1 wrapper A Strawberry Walks Into a Bar cereal bar
1 CD shrink wrap Justin TImberlake FutureSex/LoveSounds
1 wrapper Reese’s Big Cup
1 lid Speak! Tender Beef

1 23oz Arizona Sweet Tea
1 23oz can Colt 45 grape blast(!)
1 16oz can Colt 45
2 1oz cans Busch
1 random pull tab lid
1 16oz can Schaefer (pull tab)
1 16oz can Yuengling lager
1 12oz can Yuengling lager
3 12oz cans Coors Light
1 12oz can Old Milwaukee
1 12oz can Keystone Light
1 8oz can Red Bull
2 12oz cans Mountain Dew
1 12oz can Miller Genuine Draft
3 12oz cans Miller High Life (pull tabs)
1 12oz can Coca Cola
1 12oz can A&W root beer
1 piece random foil
1 12oz can Pabst
7 12oz cans Budweiser (2 pull tabs)
1 12oz can Natural Light
1 12oz can Natural Ice

0 dog shit piles
7 dog shit bags
0 dogs on leash
0 dogs off leash

– There is one person who really likes Camel cigarettes and walks in Carpenter’s Woods. There were so many butts on the trails there.
– It was a torrential downpour so no one else was out. I mean it was POURING. Despite the rain gear I was drenched when I got to the Roxborough Foodery to hang with my dear friend Edan.
– There are a lot of golf balls next to the golf course.
– Problem areas: the west bank of Wissahickon Creek below the WPA outbuilding at Kitchens Lane; under Henry Avenue bridge at Jannette/Monastery

* * *

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One Man’s Trash: Week 12 Report

WEEK 12: Rex Avenue to Cedars House


Comments and photos to come.

1 20oz bottle Arizona Iced Tea
1 7oz bottle Bud Light
1 piece broken bottle (top half)

1 random piece styrofoam

2 10oz coffee cups
1 pack Stride gum
1 wrapper Wrigley’s gum
1 16oz McDonald’s cup
1 Wawa coffee sleeve
1 receipt Panera Bread (shrimp salad sandwich with tomato soup)
2 paper towels
1 flower guarantee (Robertson’s)

1 16oz can Red Bull
3 12oz cans Natural Light
2 12oz cans Pabst
1 12oz can Keystone Light

1 mylar balloon (“Get Well”)
5 red Solo cups
1 pink Solo cup
2 12oz clear water cups
1 16oz bottle (no label, Coke product)
1 23oz bottle Glaceau water
1 42oz(!) bottle Arizona sweet tea
1 23oz bottle Propel peach
1 16oz bottle soda (no label)
1 16oz bottle water Deer Park
1 16oz bottle water (no label)
1 half pint McDonald’s skim milk (seriously?)
1 half water bottle top
1 small disposable toothbrush Colgate
1 wrapper Palma blunt
1 wrapper Great Lakes string cheese
1 coffee lid
1 pill pouch CVS
1 label ShopRite water
1 wrapper Burt’s Bees throat drop
1 wrapper Mamba fruit chews
1 piece random rubber
1 McDonald’s straw
1 bag Herr’s potato chips
1 wrapper plain plastic
1 McDonald’s lid
1 wrapper Petitmam Korean “choco chip cookie”
1 bag Sun Chips garden salsa
1 small vent cover
1 wrapper Mott’s sliced apples
1 bottle seal

1 golf ball

1 mitten
2 gloves (unrelated)
1 sock

1 can Off bug spray
2 pieces random ceramic
1 pack Camel cigarettes

0 dog shit piles
7 dog shit bags
0 dogs on leash
0 dogs off leash


It was a torrential downpour so no one else was out. I mean it was POURING. Despite the rain gear I was drenched when I got to the Roxborough Foodery to hang with my dear friend Edan.

* * *

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One Man’s Trash: Week 11 Report

WEEK 11: Chestnut Hill Avenue to Emlen Street


Comments and photos to come.

2 12oz ans Natural Light
2 8oz can Budweiser (1 old school, pull tab)
1 15oz can Monster Rehab (uhh) (tea & lemonade & energy)
1 12oz can Coors Light
1 16oz can Dr Pepper
1 12oz can Pepsi
1 16oz can Olde English
1 12oz can Diet Pepsi (old school)

6 random pieces styrofoam

1 12oz bottle Pepsi Cola (old school, awesome)
1 12oz bottle Miller Lite
1 12oz bottle Leinenkugel (Summer Shandy)
1 12oz bottle Blue Moon

1 24oz coffee cup (Wawa)
2 12oz coffee cups (no label)
3 napkins
1 maxi pad
1 wrapper Double Bubble

3 socks (unrelated)
3 gloves (unrelated)

2 Nerf bullets
1 small can Goofy String
1 fake carnation
1 piece ribbon (blue)
1 roll electrical tape (cut)
1 piece random wire
1 piece random linoleum

1 water bottle (State Farm)
1 32oz bottle Powerade (orange, LeBron James)
1 32oz bottle Gatorade
2 20oz bottles Gatorade (1 wrapper Bluntville vanilla inside one)
1 24oz cup Dunkin Donuts
1 16oz bottle Diet Coke
1 2oz bottle 5 Hour Energy (grape)
1 16oz bottle Snapple (kiwi strawberry)
1 16oz bottle Pepsi
1 16oz bottle water (Shop Rite)
4 16oz bottles water (no labels)
1 random plastic sack
1 wrapper Entourage blunt (pink vanilla)
1 bag Baked Lays
1 wrapper Snickers
1 label Propel “water beverage”
1 wrapper Clif Kid (chocolate)
1 wrapper Nestlē Crunch
1 baq Herr’s hot cheese popcorn
1 bag Herr’s red hot potato chips
1 wrapper Quaker Chewy Dipps (???)
1 bag Nature’s Harvest multigrain bread
1 tampon applicator (purple)
2 red Solo cups (1 broken)
1 wrapper 3-pack Orbit gum (wintermint)
1 grocery bag (Giant)
1 small bottle Advil Migraine
1 shopping bag (Target)
1 grocery bag (Wawa)
10 pieces random plastic
1 wrapper Popsicle
1 wrapper Nabisco Saltines (2-pack)
1 wrapper Chun Guang coconut candy
1 random bottle cap
1 coffee lid

2 dog shit piles
7 dog shit bags
7 dogs on leash
16 dogs off leash

* * *

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