1. Are the photos on phillyskyline.com for sale?
–Most of them are, sure. The only ones which are not are those of people and of copyrighted materials or those loaned by third parties or other phillyskyline.com contributors. Currently only high-res digital images are available, but I hope to make prints available in the near future. Please contact me for pricing. If you'd like a call back, leave your phone number in your email.

2. Why aren't the Commerce Square towers (or some other building) in the skyline graphic?
–Space constraints.

3. Do you take requests?
–Sure, why not. If there's something you'd like to see on phillyskyline.com that you don't already, let me know.

4. Can I submit my own photos?
–I don't see why not; contact me for more info.

5. Do you profile the suburbs?
–Mmmm, not so much. Not yet, anyway. This web site is dedicated to the City of Philadelphia, its residents, its history and its culture. But that's not to say a Main Line photo essay wouldn't be interesting. We've visited Camden, Chester and Trenton recently.

6. Why is your web site a dark color with light colored text?
I'm so glad you ask! I wish more people would, actually. If you use a computer as much as I do, you probably suffer from Computer Vision Syndrome. I probably do -- I've got a 20" iMac monitor and my eyes are constantly buggin' out. And it stands to reason -- most web sites try to emulate traditional media by putting dark text on a white background. Well, a full page of white means that the red, green and blue (RGB) phosphors are using all their power to produce the white background you see, meaning your monitor is sending its full power to your eyes and the black text you're reading is the void. We have the technology ... artistic expression aside, why don't we save our eyes and put light colored text on dark backgrounds? I'm doing my best to contribute.

7. What type of camera do you use?
–At any given time, I might be rocking a Minolta T102 35mm camera, a Sony CDMavica 500, a Canon Digital Rebel XT or a Canon 20D, with lenses ranging from 11-18mm to 75-300mm and stuff like that.