Ok, at risk of sounding like a jackass, it's hard to keep a tab of where Philly Skyline is mentioned these days, so this page seems either pointless or vain at this point. But until I decide to take a week off of work to focus on a Philly Skyline overhaul (which is to say never, since why would I sit in front of a computer for a week straight on vacation?), I'm kinda stuck with it. My bad, dear friends. But since you're here, I'll vain out for a second and mention these:

Philly Future: whoa, interview!
Inga Saffron's Skyline Online: Cira Centre's all lit up
Philadelphia Weekly: 911 feature story
BewitchedBy: go to Rant → Boyfriend Brad
Phillyist: whoa, interview!
Dragon Fire: "Looking Up" by Mike Giamo

. . . and given the nature of the internet and the modern day, em, blogosphere (don't worry, I won't say that elsewhere on this site), there've been the Philebrity, Philadelphia Will Do, Blinq, A Smoke Filled Room and so forth mentions, for all of which I am grateful.

The Philadelphia Metro ran a story that originated from the G-Ho photo essay, and has referenced the site in other building related-articles.
I guess this might also be a good place to list public hangings, like the one in West Virginia Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs once sang about. I've hung my pictures at a Soundgun party (which also featured Cartoon Network artists Tim and Eric, as well as a performance by Get Your War On's David Rees)

Recently, Philly Skyline (B Love's) photos have appeared on the walls of Darling's Cafe (with Mark at All Proper dot com) and at Day by Day (also with Mark at All Proper dot com). Albert Yee wrote a really nice recap of the opening party HERE.

Ok, this page isn't really about vanity, it's about making my mama proud.