On Wednesday, the 13th of December, after nearly two years of taking pictures of Comcast Center's construction progress, I had the chance to visit the site, tagging along with a couple guys representing the firm installing the tuned liquid column damper (TLCD), the largest of its kind in North America. The TLCD prevents the building from swaying in the wind. They were on site to do readings and testings, so we went to the highest possible level, the 33rd floor. (Though the steel frame is up into the 40s, the floor plates were only available to non-labor to 33.)

This morning had plenty of sway for them, as it was extremely overcast, to the point where we were literally in the middle of a cloud for a lot of the morning, bringing plenty of wind and precipitation into the open air floor. While they tested, I took pictures inside and outside, and spent a lot of time drying my camera off.

A big thanks to the good folks at Motioneering, especially Brian and Jhenn, and to Paul and the guys at LF Driscoll, overseeing construction on site at Comcast Center.

There are 65 pictures in standard photo essay format (8 or so to a page).