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Once upon a PSFS Sunset

What light through yonder window breaks
What light through yonder window breaks

Leaving the studio of History Making Productions last night, producer Andrew Ferrett and I walked south down 12th Street toward Center City. It had been dark and cloudy and rainy for most of the day, to a point we even lost power in the studio for 15 minutes or so. But at about 5pm, things stabilized and started showing a hint of the spring-like Saturday ahead.

Waiting for the light at Vine Street, I could see a break in the clouds to the west, the direction from which our weather patterns originate, with a small but growing line of clear sky coming our way. At Race Street, it looked even better; at Arch and Filbert, the same line was already reflecting in the buildings of Penn Center. By Market Street, going to the 33rd floor of the Loews Hotel inside my favorite building in the city seemed a foregone conclusion.

This set of photos might illustrate why I did. In chronological order from the last of the rain through the breaking of the clouds to the setting of the sun …

Head in the Clouds

See? Philly Skyline. | Photo: Bradley Maule
See? Philly Skyline. | Photo: Bradley Maule

When I first came across Philly Love Notes, I thought it was an ingenious way to showcase one’s city: 1. Create a platform. 2. Get other people to generate the content. 3. ???? 4. PROFIT. Well done, Emma Fried-Cassorla.

For real for real, Emma has done a great job in her role as an ambassador for Philadelphia (not to mention in her role has communications gal for the Riverfront Waterfront Corporation). She asked me not long ago to contribute my own Love Note, and I went back and forth between picking a place in the Wissahickon, High Point Café in Allen(s) Lane Station in Mt Airy, that spot on the Schuylkill next to the Turtle Rock Lighthouse where you have the sweeping view of the city and river in motion … and ultimately I realized that the PSFS Building made the most sense.

I have many memories there, of the 27′ letters glowing a perfect red 30-some stories above the Disney Hole as I walked toward Market East Station after work in the dark evening; of facing off with the same letters on my first visit to the City Hall observation deck; of the Pocono trout, caramelized brussels sprouts, Tröegs IPAs, and three-piece jazz at Solefood; of the unbeatable views from the 33rd floor. I’ve taken an awful lot of skyline photos from that perch, and from everywhere else, it just might be the best looking thing on the skyline.

So for my Philly Love Note–which as it happens, is the site’s milestone #200–I thought we oughta go see those letters up close, WAY up close, and take in the views. Head over to Philly Love Notes to read my take on the PSFS Building HERE, and click any of the photos below for a slideshow of photos from way up top on a foggy day.

And don’t forget, ye olde (version of the) Skyline includes a ten-year-old profile of the PSFS Building HERE.