6 August 08: Johnson rising

As this website's owner could attest, special access is without a doubt one of the best perks of being an architectural photographer. A recent assignment for me in 1818 Market Street was no exception.

The 500-foot (B Love says ugly, but I stop at) plain white box may not be especially impressive sitting within a block of Comcast Center, Mellon Bank Center, and Liberty Place twins, but I knew its roof views would be among the best in the city.

Right in the heart of Market Street's cluster of skyscrapers, it's tall enough to clear the clutter of lower buildings, but short enough to still be in the middle of it all.

Here's hoping this set will get you high. If you're already there, well, sit a little closer to your screen and hold on to your chair. We're going up.

(Click the image graphic to launch the photo essay.)

- Matthew Johnson