Following protests of 300K in Chicago and 500K in LA, a nationwide effort was launched to bring the issue of immigrant rights to the forefront in every major city. The date of Monday April 10th, 2006 was set and organizers got to work. Here in Philadelphia about 10K crammed into LOVE Park on a bright and sunny afternoon to show their support.

Sí se puede! was the phrase of the day which translates to: Yes we can! Each of the speakers throughout the four-hour long event urged the crowd of Mexican, Chinese, Nigerian, Puerto Rican, Irish, Korean, Sierra Leone, Venezuela, Native Americans . . . to join in unison shouting out the Spanish phrase and we all did, over and over again.

The event lent itself graciously to some wonderful photographic opportunities. People in cultural dress. Protest signs. Musicians and performers. Protests tend to carry along with them a ton of flavor and this one did not disappoint. Please proceed and see what you missed or relive the day and remember the electricity that ran through the crowd. Sí se puede!