I like to get high. Unfortunately, Philadelphia doesn't have a lot of places for the public to take in a bird's eye view. City Hall's observation deck is a classic, to be sure, but its hours are paltry, and after that . . . we got nothin'. There used to be a restaurant atop the Adams Mark (née Holiday Inn) on City Line, but well, there's not much of the Adams Mark left, since this time two years from now a brand new Target will be open in its place. Your only other chance is to book a room at one of the hotels with a view like the Loews or Hyatt. Oh -- and the Zooballoon. Can't forget the Zooballoon.

Chicago's got the touristy Sears Tower deck, but it's got the swank, kick-ass John Hancock Center bar. New York's got Empire State and Top of the Rock. Even Baltimore's got its World Trade Center and a bar called the 13th Floor at the Belvedere.

Oh well. I suppose it's good to have friends in high places. A special thanks to Simone for arranging part of this series, and to Top of the Tower for the best in catering and private parties 50 stories above Philly.

Since these are rare(ish) views, the resolution's a little larger for maximum high. 900x600 will make ya feel good, so a wholehearted Philly Skyline apology to yous on the small laptop and ibook jawns.