INDEPENDENCE PASS 2014 | Steve Weinik

* * *

10:57, The verdant green campus of the New Covenant Church in Mt. Airy

11:32, Nazarene Baptist Church Germantown and Lycoming

11:42, Off the Bus at Germantown and Allegheny

11:45, I Lack Confidence

11:47, One of artist Kathryn Pannepacker's shag installations on Allegheny and West Sedgley Ave.

11:59, Near 3rd Street on Allegheny

12:35, Front and Allegheny

12:36, Looking north on Front street

12:38, Man reading paper near Front street

12:39, More Allegheny Ave. graffiti

12:42, neighborhood activity

12:46, Obligatory post-industrial decay photo

12:49, Woman with walker

12:53, Street work

12:57, K&A Toynbee tile going strong

1:00, Suspicious looks at the K&A el stop

1:01, Looking South

1:55, Rolling up the Boulevard

2:00, Relaxing on the 14, heading north

2:09, Windows XP background at Benjamin Rush State Park

2:30, Some of the last remnants of Byberry, or just another sealed up building? Southampton road near the Boulevard

2:32, Clean living in sunny Somerton

2:33, Rowhomes, modern style

2:42, Man walking near undeveloped land

2:55, The empty 84 bus

3:01, A stately lion at Bustleton and Byberry

3:04, I found it!

3:07, Defender of Somerton

3:20, Forrest Hills Station

3:45, Fern Rock Station

3:47, Fern Rock Station 2

3:51, Out of the tunnel and into the light at Fern Rock

3:54, Put up more fences. Fast!

3:57, Olney homes, 11th street

3:59, Storm clouds over Fern Rock

4:09, Auto repair shop on Olney Ave.

4:11, 5th and Olney on a cloudy afternoon

4:11, These clouds say find shelter now

4:18, Rain coming down, having some roti and a 1.7 abv ginger beer

4:20, 4:20 downpour

4:34, 5th street in Olney, one of my favorite neighborhood downtown strips in Philadelphia

4:36, Creepy ass ice cream slinging clown

5:00, On the 47 heading South. Hand-painted sign in Juniata

5:05, Special deal on the second from the left

5:40, Pulling into 8th and Market

5:40, Shimmering glass

5:43, Rule 6 of street photography in action at 8th and Market

5:46, Payphone near 11th and Market

5:54, Market Frankford Line

5:57, Market Frankford Line 2

5:59, Market Frankford Line 3

6:07, Market Frankford Line 4

6:11, 63rd looking east.

6:17, Platfrom at 63rd street

6:25, noted

6:37, 220 feet of boxy glass at 38th and Market

7:00, 30th Street Station