10:29am, 30th Street Station

10:32am, 30th Street Station

10:43am, MFL 52nd Street Station

10:44am, MFL 52nd Street Station

11:00am, Class of 2014, 69th Street, Upper Darby

11:01am, 69th Street, Upper Darby

11:35am, Norristown High Speed Line, Villanova

12:01pm, Norristown High Speed Line, Schuylkill River

12:02pm, Norristown Transportation Center

12:15pm, Norristown

12:20pm, 611 Swede Street, Norristown

12:31pm, Court Order Grille, Norristown

12:52pm, Montgomery County Courthouse, Norristown

12:54pm, 9/11 sculpture with steel beam from Ground Zero by Sassona Norton, Norristown

12:55pm, Norristown

12:57pm, Old Montgomery County Prison, Napoleon LeBrun, architect, 1851

1:23pm, Rambo & Regar Knitting Mill, Norristown, Hales & Ballinger, 1897

1:35pm, Retaining wall, Schuylkill River Trail, Norristown

1:52pm, Norristown mural

1:55pm, Norristown Transportation Center

2:06pm, Norristown High Speed Line, Schuylkill River

2:34pm, Wawa break, Manayunk-Norristown Line

2:41pm, Manayunk, Manayunk-Norristown Line

2:45pm, Wissahickon Station, Manayunk-Norristown Line

2:47pm, below Ridge Avenue, Manayunk

2:53pm, Ridge Avenue, Manayunk/Roxborough/Wissahickon

2:57pm, Wissahickon Transportation Center

3:04pm, Wissahickon Schist, Wissahickon Park

3:07pm, 100 Steps, Wissahickon Park

3:27pm, Kelpius' Cave, Wissahickon Park

3:40pm, under Henry Avenue, Wissahickon Park

3:42pm, Wissahickon Memorial Bridge (Henry Avenue), Wissahickon Park

3:48pm, Lincoln Drive, Wissahickon Creek, Hermits Lane Bridge, Wissahickon Park

3:51pm, Philadelphia University, East Falls

4:22pm, Symbiosis and Iroquois, Ben Franklin Parkway

4:28pm, Philadelphia Museum of Art

4:31pm, Philadelphia Museum of Art

4:33pm, view from Philadelphia Museum of Art

4:42pm, 32 bus

5:02pm, South Broad Street, Center City

5:04pm, South Broad Street, Center City

5:31pm, New Payment Technology at Walnut-Locust Station

5:34pm, Walnut-Locust Station

5:43pm, Ellsworth-Federal Station

5:46pm, St Rita of Cascia Shrine and South Philly parking entitlement, South Philadelphia

5:47pm, South Broad Street, South Philadelphia

6:00pm, Ellsworth Street, South Philadelphia

6:02pm, Ellsworth Street, South Philadelphia

6:07pm, South Philadelphia

6:15pm, Phỡ 75, South Philadelphia

6:52pm, Juniper Station

7:01pm, Obligatory conclusion, 30th Street Station

7:20pm, Cheers from Bridgewaters Pub, 30th Street Station