INDEPENDENCE PASS 2014 | Stephen Ives

* * *

10:23am, 30th Street SEPTA Station

10:29am, 19th Street Station, Subway-Surface Trolley

10:34am, Suburban Station Concourse

10:55am, Wayne Junction, Warminster Line

11:00am, Wayne Avenue & Roberts Avenue

11:02am, Under Roosevelt Blvd, Roberts Avenue

11:15am, Broad Street & Airdrie Street

11:21am, Old York Road & Airdrie Street

11:24am, 10th Street & Erie Avenue

11:43am, Front Street & Erie Avenue, Ronald McDonald House

11:52am, D Street & Erie Avenue

11:58am, G Street & Erie Avenue

12:11pm, I Street & Venango Street

12:19pm, Kensington Avenue & Wensley Street

12:21pm, Kensington Avenue & J Street

12:29pm, Tioga Station, Market-Frankford El

12:29pm, Tioga Station, Market-Frankford El

12:34pm, Kensington & Glenwood Avenues

12:37pm, Kensington & Sedgley Avenues

12:51pm, Somerset Station, Market-Frankford El

12:59pm, Spring Garden Station, Market-Frankford El

1:27pm, 3600 Block of Haverford Avenue

1:38pm, 3600 Block of Haverford Avenue

1:41pm, 36th & Wallace Streets

1:48pm, 34th Street & Mantua Avenue

1:50pm, 34th & Zoological Streets

2:01pm, Centennial District Transportation Center, Girard Avenue

2:47pm, 8th Street Station, Broad-Ridge Spur

2:48pm, 8th Street Station, Market-Frankford El

3:02pm, Route 17 Bus, Market East

3:36pm, Snyder Avenue & Cleveland Street

3:37pm, Colorado Street near Passyunk Avenue

3:39pm, 17th Street & Snyder Avenue

3:42pm, Colorado & McKean Streets

3:44pm, 17th & Mifflin Streets

3:48pm, Bancroft & Morris Streets

3:49pm, 16th & Morris Streets

3:54pm, Tasker-Morris Station, Broad Street Subway

3:57pm, Ellsworth-Federal Station, Broad Street Subway

4:07pm, Juniper & Walnut Streets

5:45pm, 51st Street & Greenway Avenue, Comegys School

5:51pm, Woodland Avenue, SEPTA Woodland Shop

5:52pm, 49th Street & Woodland Avenue

5:52pm, 49th Street & Woodland Avenue

5:56pm, 47th Street & Woodland Avenue

6:06pm, 42nd Street & Chester Avenue

6:16pm, 41st & Sansom Streets

6:33pm, 36th Street Station, Subway-Surface Trolley

6:51pm, South Broad Concourse

7:02pm, 15th Street Station, Market-Frankford El