INDEPENDENCE PASS 2014 | Christopher Dougherty

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9:47am, SEPTA personnel studying track diagrams at 30th Street Station

9:50am, Trusswork, platforms, 30th Street Station

10:06am, Conductor, Airport Line

10:12am, Early 20th century residence, Eastwick, former 8500 block of Bartram Avenue

10:16am, Former 8500 block of Bartram Avenue

10:18am, Felled stop sign and hydrant infrastructure, 8500 block of Bartram Avenue

10:23am, Mario Lanza Boulevard looking north of the 84th Street overpass

10:28am, Deer crossing sign, 81st Street and Mario Lanza Boulevard

10:30am, Penrose Plaza entryway sign

10:32am, Abandoned Big K store, Penrose Plaza

10:33am, Seagull on light

10:35am, Lauren Ewing's "Subject/Object Memory," Percent for Art installation, 1990

10:36am, "Subject/Object Memory"

10:37am, Eastwick Loop, 36 Route Trolley

10:56am, Fox Cleaners, Island Ave. and Elmwood Ave.

10:57am, Fox Cleaners' fa├žade looking northeast on Elmwood Ave.

11:04am, Elmwood Carhouse, 2435 Island Ave, former site of my grandfather Raymond A. Cabrey, Jr.'s General Cooperage Company

11:05, Elmwood Carhouse

11:07am, 11 Trolley heading north on Island Ave.

11:13am, Former Fels Naptha Soap Manufactory stack

11:15am, Track work on Woodland Avenue Bridge into Darby Borough

11:17am, Infrastructure track mobile service vehicle

11:21am, Woodland Avenue Dam, constructed 1915

11:23am, Darby Borough, Delaware County

11:26am, Paschall Village, a context-sensitive PHA development, 7200 block of Woodland Avenue

11:28am, SEPTA managers along the 11 Route Trolley

11:45am, SEPTA logo in concrete dated 4-20-88, 49th Street Station along the Media/Elwyn Line

11:49am, The subconscious art of graffiti removal, under the Chester Avenue overpass, 49th Street Station

12:30pm, Media, Delaware County Courthouse, built 1913, Brazer and Robb, architects

12:44pm, Bailbond lunch truck in front of Delaware County Courthouse

12:55pm, Philadelphia's own, Larry Fine, and some other guy

1:05pm, McCain Rally "historical" plaque

2:20pm, 118 Bus Route shelter, Jackson and State Street, Media, Pa.

2:34pm, Pretzel trash

2:45pm, A suburban view from the 118

2:50pm, Deshong Redevelopment Area, between I-95 and Alfred O. Deshong Park to the west of Avenue of the States, Chester, Pa.

2:53pm, Chester Transportation Center, station built 1903

2:54pm, Chester Transportation Center, tunnel to inbound platform

2:56pm, Chester Transportation Center bus loop

3:03pm, Train 9242 approaching Chester Transportation Center

3:40pm, Western portico of 30th Street Station

4:15pm, Frankford Transportation Center

4:24pm, 66 Route Trackless Trolley, heading north on Frankford Avenue

5:00pm, Shuttered Smoke Eaters Pub, 7681 Frankford Avenue

5:20pm, Residence, Frankford Avenue just south of Pearson Avenue

5:34pm, All Saints Episcopal Church in Torresdale, built 1855, Frank Wills, architect

5:40pm, Unknown tributary of the Poquessing Creek, looking north of Grant Avenue to its confluence with the Poquessing

5:44pm, Nazareth Academy

5:53pm, I-95 Bridges over the Poquessing Creek

6:13pm, Romney graffiti, Torresdale Station, Trenton Line