Southwest Philly is not unlike South Philly, West Philly and North Philly where its residents are more apt to answer "where do you live?" with a "60th & Woodland" or a "49th & Springfield" than a "Kingsessing" or an "Elmwood". But the descriptions fit (just like South Philly's Pennsport and West Philly's Parkside and North Philly's Nicetown, and so forth). If for nothing else, for a philly skyline dot com photo essay.

Anyway, Kingsessing lies just below Cedar Park (some of which has spilled into this photo essay), just west of the Schuylkill and just east of Cobbs Creek. It's got its problems to be sure, but one has to wonder how long it will be before Grays Ferry Ave and Baltimore Ave start spilling over some of their development for a rebirth. It's not a bad looking neighborhood, so hopefully community interest isn't too far off . . . it is served by the trolleys and regional rail, after all.

Hopefully I'll be able to follow this essay up with another one from someone who knows the neighborhood better than I do someday in the near future. Till then, please enjoy. And to the cop who badgered me for walking around the hood with my camera: see, I wasn't lying.