Long before Northern Liberties and Fishtown (and now the Graduate Hospital Area) saw their hipster doofus renaissances, Queen Village was the place to be, thanks to its proximity to and inclusion of South Street. Queen Village is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city, so named for the Queen of Sweden, whose immigrants had settled the area decades before William Penn set foot in what would become Philadelphia. The Gloria Dei Church (of which I shamefully do not have a picture) was built in 1700 and remains active today, across the street from million dollar condos one way and I-95 another. A huge portion of the neighborhood was demolished for the paving of 95, as is the case in several Philly neighborhoods and indeed US cities. I also do not have a photo of the Sparks Shot Tower, built in 1808 as an ammunition industry endeavor. For these omissions, I apologize and, well, suck. The US Navy housed its shipyard on the Delaware riverfront at Queen Village until it moved to the southern terminus of Broad Street where it remained until its closure in 1996. (You can see photos of the Navy Yard here.) Queen Village is also home to Fabric Row, home to several fabric stores (really?) for decades. Enough banter for now, on with the show.