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One Man’s Trash: Week 49 Report

WEEK 49: Chestnut Hill Avenue to Germantown Avenue

1 soccer ball
2 tennis balls

1 Wawa sandwich wrapper
1 16oz cup Dunkin Donuts
1 trail map Andorra Natural Area
1 book matches HomeLite
1 parking garage ticket 1327 Race Street
1 Meetup sheet – Spanish classes
1 box Dots candy
1 wrapper Wrigley’s gum
2 Wawa tea bags

1 20oz cup
2 mangled 10oz cups
2 small tubs (fishing bait?)
14 pieces random styrofoam

1 Bic lighter (black)
1 Christmas light bulb
1 fishing bob
1 sippy cup
1 Motorola phone (Cingular carrier)

1 large bottle Elmo Pio moscato
1 12oz bottle Blue Moon
1 12oz bottle green no label

1 24oz can Four Loko
1 16oz can Rolling Rock
1 12oz can Coors Light
1 12oz can Modelo
1 12oz can Natural Light
1 12oz can Bud Light
1 12oz can San Pellegrino limonata

1 pair Nike running pants
1 pair women’s underwear Fruit of the Loom

1 mylar balloon Happy Anniversary
2 22oz cups Wawa
1 1.5 liter bottle water Deer Park
2 16oz bottles water Deer Park
1 16oz bottle water Poland Spring
4 16oz bottles water no label
1 8oz bottle water no label
1 label bottle water Dasani
1 label bottle water Acadia
1 16oz bottle Wawa iced tea
1 32oz bottle Powerade
1 16oz bottle Coca Cola
1 16oz bottle Dr Pepper
1 11oz bottle Sunny D
1 2oz bottle 5 Hour Energy Extra Strength
3 straws
3 cup lids
2 tub lids
1 20oz cup clear no label
1 pouch Honest Kids apple juice
4 pairs rubber gloves
1 wrapper Tootsie Roll frooties
1 wrapper Goldenberg Peanut Chews
1 wrapper Starburst tropical
1 sandwich baggie
1 bag David sunflower seeds
1 blunt wrapper unidentifiable
3 grocery bags
1 wrapper Vitamin C preparation



4 cigarette butts

2 dog shit piles
3 dog shit bags
2 dogs on leash
5 dogs off leash

– Sound of sleet pellets hitting leaves deep in the woods is lovely.
– After nearly an entire year without doing so, I stepped in my first TWO shit piles – the second one by trying to scrape the first one off. (Facepalm.)
– Giant plastic “happy birthday” picnic tablecloth with 2 shitty diapers and 2 very full dog shit bags on Orange Trail just below Bells Mill Road. What is wrong with people?
– Wissahickon Creek bank below Bells Mill parking lot (Orange Trail side) is filthy, needs cleanup.
– Found Christmas light along bank for Christmas season.
– Top of steps we built above Forbidden Drive on trail building day could use another step or
two – it’s a little slippery when muddy.
– That said, the new Andorra Trail is excellent. Bonus stone wall at first switchback.
– Wissahickon Environmental Center needs to print updated map for the trailheads at Bells Mill Road and Northwestern Avenue.
– Area under Germantown Avenue bridge needs a small cleanup.
– Well house at Chestnut Hill College surrounded by swamp, slate roof in bad shape.
– Looked but couldn’t find dated cornerstone. (It’s a round building, haha.)
– Dog shit bag directly next to Dewees Rock for fanciful goodbye.

* * *

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One Man’s Trash: Week 48 Report

WEEK 48: Allens Lane & Lincoln Drive to Hartwell Lane

1 Car Freshener (new car smell)
1 large dog collar

2 cigarette butts

1 10oz can Red Bull
1 12oz can Diet Pepsi
1 12oz can Busch
1 12oz can Miller High Life
1 12oz can Budweiser (pull tab, crushed)

1 10oz bottle milk no label
1 bag Homegirls potato chips “Sweeties”
1 32oz bottle Gatorade
1 16oz bottle water Niagara
1 label bottle water America’s Choice
1 16oz bottle Sprite
1 mangled red Solo cup
1 cereal(?) cup illegible
2 mint wrappers Merion Cricket Club
1 wrapper Grandma’s chocolate chip cookies
1 blunt wrapper Black & Mild
1 ziploc bag
1 wrapper Aunt Clara’s muffins
1 plant tag
25 pieces random creek plastic

1 dog shit pile
5 dog shit bags
2 dogs on leash
1 dogs off leash

– First snow of fall/winter, only a dusting but enough to cover some litter.
– Found $10 bill near Allens Lane trailhead!
– 640 Gatehouse Lane, man, that’s some house.
– Big Wissahickon schist formation below 640.
– Big branch down across Hartwell Trail (and Hartwell Run) just above White Trail.
– Big pile of broken plastic adirondack chairs on Hartwell Trail where the homes start.
– Old dam to right of first bridge over Hartwell Trail walking uphill.
– Holy crap there’s an entirely second Hartwell Trail on the north side of the creek! Is this rogue?
– Big rocks at point above White Trail and Hartwell Trail (both north and south sides of Run).
– SCH “Play Space in the Woods” at top of Hartwell Trail behind SCH Academy blends city and woods nicely. “Unless” sculpture seems weird without Lorax reference.

* * *

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One Man’s Trash: Week 47 Report

WEEK 47: Carpenter’s Woods to Allens Lane & Lincoln Drive

1 20oz cup Dunkin Donuts
1 16oz cup Dunkin Donuts
1 piece random styrofoam

1 box Marlboro
3 cigarette butts

2 12oz bottles Bud Light Lime
1 22oz bottle Smirnoff Ice green apple
1 12oz bottle green no label
1 12oz bottle clear no label (Anheuser-Busch logo)
1 12oz bottle brown no label (Anheuser-Busch logo)

1 six-pack holder Bud Light Lime
2 wrappers Wrigley’s gum
1 slim pack Juicy Fruit gum
1 business card Epic Church
1 random piece of sketchbook cover

1 pen Bic Ultra
1 piece shoelace
3 pencil erasers
1 fluffy Phillie Phanatic ball

2 23oz cans Arizona sweet tea
1 12oz can Miller Lite
1 12oz can Meister Brau (pull tab)
1 lid Sterno cooling fuel
1 12oz can Monster Muscle vanilla
1 16oz can Pabst
2 12oz cans Pabst
1 16oz Milwaukee’s Best Premium
1 16oz can Olde English
2 12oz cans Budweiser
1 12oz can Coors
1 10oz can Red Bull

1 2 liter bottle green no label
2 prescription bottles CVS
1 iced coffee lid
2 coffee lids
1 ½ gallon jug iced tea no label
1 20oz cup Dunkin Donuts
1 16oz bottle water Voss
3 16oz bottles water Poland Spring
1 16oz bottle water Acadia
1 16oz bottle water Nirvana
1 16oz bottle water Dasani
2 16oz bottles water no label
1 12oz bottle Gatorade
1 16oz bottle Mountain Dew
1 16oz cup Wawa
1 pack Dippin Stix sliced apples
1 bag Doritos
1 wrapper Oreo golden cookies
1 wrapper Jelly Belly sport beans (Jelly Belly sport beans. Does not compute.)
1 wrapper David sunflower seeds
1 bag Smartfood popcorn
1 wrapper Snickers bite size
1 wrapper “sugar free hard candy”
1 blunt wrapper Black & Mild
1 wrapper corner
1 bag Stroehmann’s split top wheat bread
1 bag Wawa sandwich
1 rubber glove
1 straw
2 long pieces caution tape
1 wrapper Jolly Rancher
15 pieces nasty random creek plastic

0 dog shit piles
6 dog shit bags
5 dogs on leash
6 dogs off leash

– There are a number of great stones on the “sidewalk” between Wissahickon and Carpenter’s Woods on Mount Pleasant Avenue.
– Gorgas Creek is filthy, needs a cleanup.
– Bucket frozen in creek just above Devil’s Pool on Forbidden Drive side.
– Carpenter’s Run has big rocky waterfall (small trickle of water) between Kitchen’s Lane and Orange Trail, hidden well off trail.

* * *

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One Man’s Trash: Week 46 Report

WEEK 46: Bells Mill Road to Emlen Street

* Love Your Park fall service day: work party building a new trail at Andorra Natural Area off of Forbidden Drive.

4 golf balls

1 business card Painted Pet Portraits by Nita
1 cup Saladworks
3 receipts (1 Formal Mills, 1 ShopRite, 1 R&R Produce)

1 piece styrofoam cup

1 12oz bottle PBC Newbold IPA
1 16oz bottle Snapple
1 16oz bottle Pepsi (old school)
1 16oz bottle Triple Cola (old school)

1 12oz can Michelob Ultra
2 12oz cans Mountain Dew
1 12oz can Milwaukee’s Best Ice
1 8oz can Red Bull Silver
1 12oz can Schaefer’s

1 pair Hanes briefs (blue)

1 hubcap Chevy

2 mylar balloons (1 Spalding basketball, 1 silvery pentagonal shape)
1 40oz bottle Steel Reserve
1 wrapper Clif Shot Blocks
2 16oz bottles water Deer Park
1 16oz bottle water Poland Spring
1 16oz bottle water Berkley & Jensen
1 16oz bottle water Rite Aid Pantry
1 16oz bottle water Acadia
1 16oz bottle water no label
1 1 liter bottle Fuze strawberry lemonade
1 sport water bottle
1 to-go cup Frosted Flakes
1 label Wawa iced tea
1 mangled bag Herr’s chips
1 blunt wrapper Swisher Sweets tropical fusion
1 giant bag Doritos
1 grocery bag Redner’s Warehouse Markets
1 ziploc bag
1 wrapper Planters salted cashews
2 pieces random plastic


1 dog shit pile
3 dog shit bags
6 dogs on leash
8 dogs off leash

– Love Your Park fall service day. Good fun trail building with FOW in the Andorra Natural Area.
– Huh. Lots of quartzite on the Yellow Trail between the Covered Bridge and Cathedral Run. Cool.
– Phone died with 49% power. Sure it was cold, but that’s some BS, Apple.
– Instead of following the Yellow Trail all the way up past Henry on the Park apartments and across Wises Mill Road, followed what looked like an unmarked trail that turned out to be a deer trail, ended up off trail for 30 minutes in the middle of the world’s largest overgrown thicket of thorns of all sizes.
– Took extra long bubble bath to eliminate presumed thorns and ticks.
– Ran into the esteemed Dave Bower from Parks and Rec on Forbidden Drive.
– As I made the observation that the gate at Valley Green Inn was open AGAIN (on a Saturday no less), some ahole in a Porsche comes flying down Valley Green Road doing at least 35 into an area obviously heavily populated by pedestrians. When Walnut Lane Bridge closes for repair, this gate MUST be monitored.

* * *

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One Man’s Trash: Week 45 Report

WEEK 45: Chestnut Hill Avenue to Allens Lane & Lincoln Drive

1 box Pall Mall
1 cigarette butt

2 12oz cups
1 small tub ice cream

2 7oz bottles Coronita
1 12oz bottle Miller Lite

1 12oz can Faygo
1 12oz can Pepsi
1 12oz can Natural Light
1 12oz can Bud Light
1 16oz can Coors Light
1 12oz can Coors Light

1 wrapper gum Dubble Bubble
2 wrappers gum Wrigley’s
1 wrapper bamboo chopsticks
1 wrapper Wawa sandwich
1 receipt (illegible)
1 piece random cardboard

1 concert wristband
1 sticker “I Voted”
1 random piece of car
1 pregnancy test

4 16oz bottles water Deer Park
1 16oz bottle water Nestlé Pure Life
3 16oz bottles water no label
1 8oz bottle water Deer Park
1 label bottle water Deer Park
1 label bottle water Vintage
1 tiny bottle Maiel Biofeel
1 label Arizona iced tea
1 spoon
1 bottle cap
1 blunt wrapper Palma
1 corner wrapper Welch’s fruit chews(?)
2 wrappers Twizzler individuals
1 wrapper Hershey’s Cookies & Creme
1 rubber glove
1 shopping bag Target
2 wrappers plasticware
6 pieces random plastic



1 dog shit pile
8 dog shit bags
1 dogs on leash
2 dogs off leash

– Giant pile of trash on creek bank approximately 12′ from actual trash can at picnic area below Magarge Dam.
– School bus IDLING, loudly, right on Forbidden Drive at Valley Green Inn as scores of people walked/ran/biked by. Ridiculous.
– Two smashed pumpkins directly under McCallum Street Bridge. Trick or treat!

* * *

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