"Pictured here right before he freed the slaves." —Philebrity
“Pictured here right before he freed the slaves.” —Philebrity

Hello. I’m Bradley Maule. I’ve also been called B Love, Giovanni Sasso, @mauleofamerica, and probably other things by other people. I established Philly Skyline in 2002 and published it in earnest from 2004 through 2009, when I moved to Portland, Oregon. Since then, I’ve left the site up in perpetuity, always with an intent to fully archive it.

Now I’m back in Philadelphia, so Philly Skyline oughta be back too, I reckon. So: welcome back, friends. Please be patient as I archive the site’s past and build its future. In the meantime, you can visit the old version of the site HERE, and see what we’re up to at Hidden City Philadelphia too.

Holler at your boy: mauleofamerica AT gmail DOT com.

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  1. Goggled phillyskyline.com when I heard the news of the Comcast 2 tower hoping you had something on it. I check out your old site on a weekly if not daily basis after I discovered it back in ’03. Was a little sad when you left. Surprised and happy to see your back. I really enjoy your photographs of the city. You have a way of capturing the city, explaining it without saying a word. Welcome back and thanks. If I ever run into you, expect a couple of rounds on me.

  2. Hey Bradley,

    Ive just seen your comments on an article around image copyright infringement. You look to have had (an all too common) tough time.

    Im the founder of a startup that specialises in Image Tracking for photographers and agencies. Can i give you a hand to help manage where your content is being used online?

    Talk soon,
    Matt Johnson

    Image Witness

  3. Beyond ecstatic that you’re back with us in Philly. This site was a daily stop on my post-school internet procrastination. Was sorely missed during my college days. Great having you on Instagram so I can shove awesome shots in my friend’s faces as well. The more social media you hit, the better; your photos and articles should reach as many as humanly possible, especially within this region.

    Keep It Real,

  4. I decided to check out the archives on a whim and see you’re back in Philly and your bringing phillyskyline back. Awesome news man, welcome back! There’s a lot of interesting projects down the pipeline that I’m curious to see up on the site.

  5. BEEEE LOVE!!! Clicked an old link on a whim and found the spiffy new digs! So happy! I’ve gone from Spring Garden to G-Ho to Wynnefield to the burbs. You’ve gone from G-Ho to Fishtown, to Northwest somewhere or another. Glad you’re still my neighbor and thank you for working on the Wissahickon. I’ll be back. (And I miss the cats under the car.)

  6. Yo, Bee Ell.

    What’s up, my man? Long time, haven’t chatted.

    Love the new site. Meeting 2014’s online standards, while staying true to the old PS. I have since developed my own blog, more real estate related.


    If I use one of your posts to inspire my own blog post, let me know how you want me to tag/caption any pictures I use. I know you take pride in your photography, and rightfully so, which is why I am inquiring.

    Hope all is well, sir.


  7. I just read the ‘philly.com’ Article – ‘A Twitter feud with the District Attorney turns ugly’, and am glad to see District Attorney Seth Williams was unable to escape the copywrite violation.

    Too bad your Attorney had to tarnish himself and you by his quote …

    “When faced with the intellectual property claims of R. Bradley Maule, the District Attorney folded like the morals of the Catholic Church,” Corcoran said.

    … apparently, Corcoran cannot isolate his personal views from that of his professional expectations.

  8. Thank you for the return of Philly Skyline! I followed your sight during it’s heyday from ’02 to 09′ and have always been a big fan. I am just getting into photography, and I have a few projects I will be looking into once I return from Korea in January ’15. The neighborhood photo essays are an excellent piece of work, and have inspired me to take up photography with the goal of establishing my own photo essay of the neighborhood I grew up in around North Philly / Tioga-Nicetown. Looking forward to enjoying your current work!

  9. Brad,

    Nice to see a fellow Tyronian here in the city. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful. I have lived here for 15 yrs and probably not seen as much of the city as you have. Love the trash pick-up journey you are on…if only the rest of Philly would follow. In the spring, come to Eastwick. Lindbergh Blvd (towards 80th St) looks beautiful with it’s streets lined with cherry blossoms. Close-by is the John Heinz wildlife refuge – a true diamond in the rough. Glad to see you are doing well and keep up the good work!

  10. Bradley, we spoke at wissahickon trailer preview in spring. I’m in nyc at MountainFilm, soon to be on tour in PA. Hope you will be able to make it and discuss my idea for a short doc to promote full doc and the value of the park to the community.

  11. er…ok I think we get it already! LOL!!!
    Philly filthy town lots of trash! ok I think we get it now!!
    U gonna cover new comcast tower or no?


  12. Hey buddy

    Just wondering if you were planning anything for the upcoming Comcast and W hotel projects that are in the process of being built in center city. I was obsessed with your site back in 2006 which was the best time of my life.

    P.S. The new Comcast tower can’t be done without you. Just my opinion

  13. Hi Bradley,

    Just wanted to say that “One Man’s Trash” at the Water Works was amazing!
    My wife and I made the trip to see it and we both had a great time.
    Philly really needs projects like that and we’re looking forward to seeing more of your work.

    I’ve been a reader of yours for years…. back to your earliest Phillyskyline days.
    You’ve got a good angle on the world my man, keep up the good work.

    Look me up on Greenpeace.com and maybe we can collaborate on a project!


    Signup buddy, let’s get some positive things done for Philly!

    My username is: jayflyte

  14. Sorry to bother you but I’m currently doing my Capstone on the Comcast Center in Philadelphia and I seen that you where the photographer on the site. My project is actually due tomorrow and I know it’s last minute but I was hoping you could send me some photos you shot while the project was happening. Pictures of the structure, equipment used etc. Please everything/anything you have would greatly help! Again I know it’s last second I do apolligized for that

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