One Man’s Trash: Week 51 Report

WEEK 51: Philadelphia University to Carpenter’s Woods
* Winter Solstice

11 golf balls

1 12oz cup 7-Eleven

1 big Master lock
1 CD Box Kingz Distribution
1 roll magnetic tape
1 bike pedal reflector
1 packet oxygen absorber (DO NOT EAT)
1 hair barrette (yellow flower)
1 rubber band

4 cigarette butts

1 32oz cup McDonald’s
2 pieces random styrofoam

1 16oz bottle 7-Up
1 16oz bottle Snapple
1 12oz bottle Heineken
1 16oz Bob Marley’s Mellow Mood Lite (fuckin’ … what?)
1 bottle white wine no label

1 12oz can Tecate
2 12oz cans Rolling Rock
1 16oz can Yuengling Lager
1 12oz can Keystone Light
1 16oz can Miller Lite
1 12oz can Miller Lite
1 12oz can Landshark
1 10oz can Red Bull
1 12oz can Pepsi
1 12oz can Gatorade (Gatorade makes cans?)
1 12oz can Budweiser (pull tab)
1 12oz can Bud Light
1 12oz can Colt 45 (pull tab)
1 12oz can Pepsi
1 16oz can Pabst
2 12oz cans Pabst
1 12oz can Diet Coke
1 12oz can Coors Light
1 12oz can Natural Light

1 gigantic mylar balloon Care Bears
1 mylar balloon Shark Tale
1 blunt wrapper Zig Zag
1 1 liter bottle water Deer Park
1 24oz bottle water Poland Spring
1 16oz bottle water Nestlé Pure Life
1 16oz bottle water Fresh Grocer
1 16oz bottle water Aquafina
1 16oz bottle water Poland Spring
1 16oz bottle water Dasani
1 16oz bottle water no label
2 wrappers Quaker chewy granola
1 bag Sour Patch Kids
1 bag Fritos chili cheese
1 blue Solo cup
1 16oz bottle Wawa green tea
1 42oz(!!!) bottle Arizona green tea
3 20oz bottles Gatorade
1 sport water bottle Nantahala Outdoor Center
1 straw
1 coffee lid
2 zip ties
1 blunt wrapper Palma
1 pouch Capri Sun
1 pouch Power Bar energy gel
1 bag Herr’s sour cream & onion chips
1 15oz tub Maggio ricotta cheese
1 16oz bottle Wawa iced tea
1 16oz bottle Fanta
1 8oz bottle milk(?) no label
2 wrapper corners


0 dog shit piles
5 dog shit bags
6 dogs on leash
5 dogs off leash

– The deck of Henry Avenue bridge needs its own clean up. Couldn’t Phila U do this?
– Area just below Lovers Leap is filthy from people throwing trash down.
– Lots of twisted junky old creek plastic in Golf Course Run.
– The bank of Walnut Lane approaching the bridge is filthy from people
throwing stuff out their windows.
– Could use cleanup day under and alongside Walnut Lane Bridge (Roxborough side).
– Walnut Lane golf course’s fourth fairway and hole run parallel to Magdalena Trail/Yellow Trail.
– Party spot on sharp ridge above Kitchens Lane curve, has bed sheet, needs cleanup.
– Phone died while taking a panorama of the completely empty Doggy Beach.
– With no people or dogs at Doggy Beach, water along sharp bend of Creek was completely still, Kitchens Lane Bridge reflecting in it like a mirror.
– Nice sunny day, 12 big horses and 1 Lil Sebastian hanging outside at Monastery Stables.
– Cold but lovely sunny day for the winter solstice.
– Heavy vibes hanging over the country after the cop killings in NYC after the non-indictment of the cop for Eric Garner’s death.
– Unused kiosk just above Climbers Rock along interceptor sewer aqueduct would make for a nice art installation.
– Mini parking area atto Climbers Rock needs a cleanup.

* * *

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