One Man’s Trash: Week 50 Report

WEEK 50: Ridge Avenue to Saylor Grove

1 fabric bag The Kooples
1 part bike bar thing Diamondback
1 rubber flip phone cover (circa 2005?)
1 pair pliers
1 piece random ceramic
1 heel of shoe sole
1 hubcap Toyota
2 Halloween decorations (silver skulls)

1 large piece random styrofoam

1 bag peanut M&Ms

2 pieces yellow metal bracket
3 12oz cans Budweiser (1 pull tab)
1 12oz can Colt 45 (pull tab)
1 12oz can Miller High Life (pull tab)
2 16oz cans Monster Energy
1 12oz can Sprite (old school, partially crushed)
1 12oz can caffeine free Pepsi
1 12oz can Pabst

1 12oz bottle Yards Philly Pale Ale
1 16oz bottle Pepsi
1 16oz bottle Snapple
1 12oz bottle Citrate Magnesium (super old school)

1 microwaveable food tub
1 16oz iced coffee cup Starbucks
1 20oz cup Olive Garden
1 16oz cup Greenware
1 24oz bottle water Deer Park
1 16oz bottle water Dasani
1 16oz bottle water Simplify
2 16oz bottles water no label
1 250ml bottle mouth rinse CareOne
1 20oz bottle Arizona iced tea
1 old school medicine bottle (red)
1 bag Ruffles cheddar sour cream chips
1 wrapper Hostess cupcakes
1 wrapper Trojan condom
1 bag ShopRite sweet chili pita chips
1 wrapper Kit Kat bite size
2 grocery bags
1 straw
1 bottle cap
1 mangled mylar balloon
4 pieces random plastic

1 can Marlboro snus

1 dog shit pile
4 dog shit bags
0 dogs on leash
0 dogs off leash

– The area from Ridge Avenue to the switchback just above the SEPTA bridge is a filthy mess, above switchback on trail much less so.
– What is enormous apartment complex at schoolhouse and Gypsy called? And what is with the razor wire???
– Lots of oyster shells on side of trail.
– Lots of party trash on bank closest to apartment complex, broken glass, pieces of slate roof, etc.
– Area under Henry Avenue bridge is predictably filthy.
– Access to Phila U, like Chestnut Hill College, is terrible. Their campus meets the Wissahickon with a parking lot, and the really nice landscaping they did as stormwater management on campus runs under a superstructure via a small culvert. Derp.
– It would be really easy to have a trail follow the Textile Run from East Falls Trail up to the campus.
– Didn’t see a single person or dog on trail.
– Hike truncated on account of heavy rain and goddamn flu.

* * *

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