One Man’s Trash: Week 49 Report

WEEK 49: Chestnut Hill Avenue to Germantown Avenue

1 soccer ball
2 tennis balls

1 Wawa sandwich wrapper
1 16oz cup Dunkin Donuts
1 trail map Andorra Natural Area
1 book matches HomeLite
1 parking garage ticket 1327 Race Street
1 Meetup sheet – Spanish classes
1 box Dots candy
1 wrapper Wrigley’s gum
2 Wawa tea bags

1 20oz cup
2 mangled 10oz cups
2 small tubs (fishing bait?)
14 pieces random styrofoam

1 Bic lighter (black)
1 Christmas light bulb
1 fishing bob
1 sippy cup
1 Motorola phone (Cingular carrier)

1 large bottle Elmo Pio moscato
1 12oz bottle Blue Moon
1 12oz bottle green no label

1 24oz can Four Loko
1 16oz can Rolling Rock
1 12oz can Coors Light
1 12oz can Modelo
1 12oz can Natural Light
1 12oz can Bud Light
1 12oz can San Pellegrino limonata

1 pair Nike running pants
1 pair women’s underwear Fruit of the Loom

1 mylar balloon Happy Anniversary
2 22oz cups Wawa
1 1.5 liter bottle water Deer Park
2 16oz bottles water Deer Park
1 16oz bottle water Poland Spring
4 16oz bottles water no label
1 8oz bottle water no label
1 label bottle water Dasani
1 label bottle water Acadia
1 16oz bottle Wawa iced tea
1 32oz bottle Powerade
1 16oz bottle Coca Cola
1 16oz bottle Dr Pepper
1 11oz bottle Sunny D
1 2oz bottle 5 Hour Energy Extra Strength
3 straws
3 cup lids
2 tub lids
1 20oz cup clear no label
1 pouch Honest Kids apple juice
4 pairs rubber gloves
1 wrapper Tootsie Roll frooties
1 wrapper Goldenberg Peanut Chews
1 wrapper Starburst tropical
1 sandwich baggie
1 bag David sunflower seeds
1 blunt wrapper unidentifiable
3 grocery bags
1 wrapper Vitamin C preparation



4 cigarette butts

2 dog shit piles
3 dog shit bags
2 dogs on leash
5 dogs off leash

– Sound of sleet pellets hitting leaves deep in the woods is lovely.
– After nearly an entire year without doing so, I stepped in my first TWO shit piles – the second one by trying to scrape the first one off. (Facepalm.)
– Giant plastic “happy birthday” picnic tablecloth with 2 shitty diapers and 2 very full dog shit bags on Orange Trail just below Bells Mill Road. What is wrong with people?
– Wissahickon Creek bank below Bells Mill parking lot (Orange Trail side) is filthy, needs cleanup.
– Found Christmas light along bank for Christmas season.
– Top of steps we built above Forbidden Drive on trail building day could use another step or
two – it’s a little slippery when muddy.
– That said, the new Andorra Trail is excellent. Bonus stone wall at first switchback.
– Wissahickon Environmental Center needs to print updated map for the trailheads at Bells Mill Road and Northwestern Avenue.
– Area under Germantown Avenue bridge needs a small cleanup.
– Well house at Chestnut Hill College surrounded by swamp, slate roof in bad shape.
– Looked but couldn’t find dated cornerstone. (It’s a round building, haha.)
– Dog shit bag directly next to Dewees Rock for fanciful goodbye.

* * *

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