One Man’s Trash: Week 48 Report

WEEK 48: Allens Lane & Lincoln Drive to Hartwell Lane

1 Car Freshener (new car smell)
1 large dog collar

2 cigarette butts

1 10oz can Red Bull
1 12oz can Diet Pepsi
1 12oz can Busch
1 12oz can Miller High Life
1 12oz can Budweiser (pull tab, crushed)

1 10oz bottle milk no label
1 bag Homegirls potato chips “Sweeties”
1 32oz bottle Gatorade
1 16oz bottle water Niagara
1 label bottle water America’s Choice
1 16oz bottle Sprite
1 mangled red Solo cup
1 cereal(?) cup illegible
2 mint wrappers Merion Cricket Club
1 wrapper Grandma’s chocolate chip cookies
1 blunt wrapper Black & Mild
1 ziploc bag
1 wrapper Aunt Clara’s muffins
1 plant tag
25 pieces random creek plastic

1 dog shit pile
5 dog shit bags
2 dogs on leash
1 dogs off leash

– First snow of fall/winter, only a dusting but enough to cover some litter.
– Found $10 bill near Allens Lane trailhead!
– 640 Gatehouse Lane, man, that’s some house.
– Big Wissahickon schist formation below 640.
– Big branch down across Hartwell Trail (and Hartwell Run) just above White Trail.
– Big pile of broken plastic adirondack chairs on Hartwell Trail where the homes start.
– Old dam to right of first bridge over Hartwell Trail walking uphill.
– Holy crap there’s an entirely second Hartwell Trail on the north side of the creek! Is this rogue?
– Big rocks at point above White Trail and Hartwell Trail (both north and south sides of Run).
– SCH “Play Space in the Woods” at top of Hartwell Trail behind SCH Academy blends city and woods nicely. “Unless” sculpture seems weird without Lorax reference.

* * *

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One thought on “One Man’s Trash: Week 48 Report

  1. Hi Mr. Maule,

    This Fall I did a volunteer clean-up of trash in the extreme northern reaches of the Creek in Andorra; not the Creek itself but a spring-fed tributary that flows into the Creek from the riding stable about one mile above it.

    I have not read through your complete 2014 trash diary but suspect you may have wondered, as have I, why it is that people clean up after their dogs using those little green plastic bags and then chuck the resulting package into the bushes? Since I always hike with my dog, others I’ve met have even approached me asking if I happened to have an extra bag in which to collect their pet’s waste.

    The posted rule enjoining folks to “clean up” after their animal is contradicted by the rule against littering. Isn’t there somewhere in the Bible a line about the cause of offense being the setting up of commandments?

    Fascinating blog.

    Pete P.

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