One Man’s Trash: Week 43 Report

WEEK 43: Hortter Street to Mt Airy Avenue

Map/photos to come.

22 wrappers Tootsie Roll
1 32oz cup Dunkin Donuts
1 straw
2 coffee lids
1 small sport water bottle (black)
1 bottle aspirin no label
1 bottle Mylanta II
1 piece bike helmet
1 bag Family Gourmet spearmint leaves
1 label Gatorade
1 Sorb-oo absorber(?)
1 jug seal
1 wrapper Snickers
1 pack Water Gremlin fishing lure(?)
1 bag Herr’s cheese curls
1 wrapper Nature Valley granola bar
2 Ziploc bags
1 black bodega bag
3 pieces random plastic
1 label bottle water Deer Park
1 label bottle water Poland Spring
1 16oz bottle water Poland Spring pomegranate(???)
2 16oz bottles water Deer Park
1 16oz bottle water no label
1 16oz bottle water 7-Eleven
1 24oz bottle water Poland Spring
1 16oz bottle water Rita’s (as in the Water Ice … they make bottled water too)
1 16oz bottle water Great Value
1 grocery bag blank
1 grocery bag Pep Boys
1 16oz bottle Tropicana orange juice
1 16oz bottle Wawa chocolate milk

3 12oz cups

1 Bic lighter (blue)
3 pieces random fleece
1 pregnancy test (inconclusive — error on screen)

1 box Newport

4 golf balls

1 12oz bottle green no label

3 12oz cans Milwaukee’s Best
2 12oz cans Milwaukee’s Best Ice
7 12oz cans Milwaukee’s Best Premium
7 12oz cans Budweiser
2 12oz cans Rolling Rock
5 12oz cans Genesee
1 25oz (!) can Red Bull
2 12oz cans Coca Cola

3 boxes Dots candy
3 pieces Tootsie Roll cardboard backing


0 dog shit piles
8 dog shit bags
2 dogs on leash
5 dogs off leash

– Mistook off trail pet cemetery for trash; paid my respects.
– Nice view of Toleration with Walnut Lane Bridge in the background from upper end of Mom Rinker’s Rock once leaves fall.
– Huge Tootsie Roll party at Toleration — 22 wrappers of all makes (small Tootsie Rolls, large Tootsie Rolls, yellow and blue fruit “flavor” Tootsie Rolls) above and below Mom Rinker’s Rock.
– Tree falling in the woods: loud. Asplundh tree chipper: louder.
– Area under Monastery Bridge (Henry Avenue) needs cleanup.
– Had a nice chat with Ron, an 80ish year old man hiking cheerily alone. Says he’s lived in The Philadelphian for 15 years and there’s “only been three suicides there in that time. That far up, a fall doesn’t hurt. Ten or fifteen feet up, that’s gonna hurt. But 20 stories? You wouldn’t feel a thing.”
– Dry intermittent run (Leverington Run?) could use cleanup from culvert near Henry Avenue down toward Forbidden Drive.
– Again with the crazy dog shit bags in Mt Airy Run following heavy rain. WTF?
– Saw the esteemed Liz Jarvis from Chestnut Hill Historical Society riding a horse.
– Woman walking two dogs off leash watched one shit and did not pick it up.

* * *

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