One Man’s Trash: Week 41 Report

WEEK 41: Cresheim Road to Germantown Avenue

Map/photos to come.

1 40oz bottle clear no label
1 12oz bottle brown no label

1 fingerless glove

1 cigarette butt

1 pair eyeglasses
1 mangled small Nerf football
1 can America’s Finest spray paint

1 water cooler cone
1 wrapper Wendy’s

2 25oz cans Bud Ice
1 12oz can Milwaukee’s Best
1 12oz can St Ides
1 12oz can Black Label

1 brown-orange plant pot
1 16oz cup Wawa
1 16oz cup no label
1 1 ltr bottle no label
1 1 ltr bottle Coca Cola
1 16oz bottle water Berkley & Jensen
1 16oz bottle water Nestlé Pure Life
1 16oz bottle water Poland Spring
6 16oz bottles water no label
1 label bottle water Nestlé Pure Life
1 8oz bottle Ensure vanilla shake
1 coffee lid
8 solo cups (red, blue)
3 pieces solo cups (red, green, blue)
2 bottle caps
1 black bodega bag
1 black trash bag
1 small stake
1 coffee lid
1 wrapper Tastykake Fruit & Yogurt Bar
1 bag Herr’s BBQ chips
1 wrapper Russell Stover marshmallow heart
1 wrapper Snickers
1 bag Strohmann hot dog rolls
3 10oz cups clear
8 pieces random plastic
1 label Hawaiian Punch berry blue singles to go
1 cup F’Real Reese’s Cup shake


0 dog shit piles
1 dog shit bag
0 dogs on leash
0 dogs off leash

– Short, late afternoon hike on new section of Cresheim Trail still produced normal week’s worth of trash.
– Mangled bike under SEPTA Chestnut Hill West bridge.
– Is there a way to download all the high-res versions of edited pics on Instagram? Instaport is cool but they’re low-res.
– What are the stone ruins parallel to Cresheim Valley Drive below the trail?

* * *

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