One Man’s Trash: Week 35 Report

WEEK 35: Chestnut Hill Avenue to Allens Lane & Lincoln Drive

Map/photos to come.

2 24oz cans Four Loko
2 12oz cans Budweiser
1 16oz can Hurricane
1 12oz can Busch (crushed)
1 ball aluminum foil

1 box Newport

1 mangled pair sunglasses
1 tube Mona Lisa lip gloss

1 sock (ripped)
1 fuzzy pink flip-flop

1 newspaper coupon insert
1 pamphlet Allied Barton “Dare to Be Great”
1 bag french fries
1 wrapper Wrigley’s gum
1 box Little Debbie apple pie
2 Christian brochures: “Twin Towers” and “Are Roman Catholics Christians?”

1 sport water bottle
1 16oz bottle Sunkist grape soda
1 16oz bottle water Poland Spring
1 16oz bottle water no label
1 large food container bottom
1 24oz cup
1 wrapper Milky Way Dark snack size
1 small food container lid
2 bottle caps
1 wrapper Ring Pop watermelon
1 wrapper Austin’s cheese & peanut butter sandwiches
1 wrapper Laffy Taffy
1 wrapper Rice Krispie Treats
1 blunt wrapper Bluntville vanilla
1 small ice cream tub
1 wrapper Special K protein
1 wrapper Nature Valley granola bar
1 wrapper Sweet Tarts chewy
1 bag Fireside mini marshmallows
3 plastic bags
1 tag Green Team Gardeners (ugh)
2 straws
1 dimebag
4 pieces random plastic

New name for category because better than genericized brands.

3 dog shit piles
5 dog shit bags
1 dogs on leash
0 dogs off leash

– I’m hereby renaming the KLEENEXES section to TISSUES/NAPKINS/ETC. Not that I am above using a genericized trademark, it’s just more accurate. Basically any gross used disposable paper product (tissue/napkin/paper towel/toilet paper/etc).
– Still lots of flood trash at bend of creek just below Rex Avenue Bridge

* * *

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