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One Man’s Trash: Week 38 Report

WEEK 38: Chestnut Hill Avenue to Chestnut Hill Avenue (Houston Meadow loop)

Map/photos to come.

1 12oz round bottle brown no label (old school)

1 top old pull tab can
1 piece aluminum foil

1 24oz cup McDonald’s
1 box Rapala original floating (fishing stuff?)

1 cigarette butt

1 bald tennis ball

1 can Axe spray deodorant
1 rusted all-purpose tool w/fork and spoon
1 yarmulke(?)
1 can General mint snuff
1 hair tie

1 32oz cup Starbucks (“John”)
1 24oz bottle Gatorade
1 16oz bottle water no label
1 label bottle water Crystal Geyser
1 ½ gallon jug Swiss Premium lemonade tea
1 32oz bottle Powerade
1 20oz bottle Fuze iced tea
1 coffee lid
1 tub fishing bait
3 tub lids
2 packs Gamakatsu shank worms (fishing)
1 wrapper Tamamoto custom fishing baits
2 wrappers Rice Krispie Treats
1 wrapper clear no label
1 wrapper Clif gel
1 shrink wrap Gold Peak Tea
1 corner 4:1 energy gel
1 grocery bag Wawa
1 dog shit bag unused
1 corner Combos
10 pieces random plastic


0 dog shit piles
5 dog shit bags
4 dogs on leash
4 dogs off leash

– Houston Meadow is gorgeous, man. Such a unique part of the park.
– Huge pile of fishing trash on bank just above Rex Avenue Bridge.

* * *

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One Man’s Trash: Week 37 Report

WEEK 37: Ridge Avenue to Livezey Lane

Map/photos to come.

1 40oz bottle brown no label
1 12oz bottle Mike’s Hard Lemonade
1 12oz bottle Coors Light
1 12oz bottle Anheuser Busch no label
1 8oz bottle Anheuser Busch no label
1 1oz prescription bottle (old school)

1 12oz can Piels (pull tab)
1 12oz can Red Bull
1 12oz can Natural Ice
1 12oz can Mtn Dew Game Fuel
1 piece old car
1 piece aluminum foil
1 pull tab

1 20oz cup Wawa coffee
1 wrapper Wrigley’s gum
1 piece Band-Aid wrapper

5 golf balls
1 mangled tennis ball

1 roll film (overexposed)
1 bike pedal reflector
1 comb
1 Crayola marker (green)
1 shoelace (orange)
1 Dickies messenger bag
1 purple fabric flower

1 box American Spirit
1 box Marlboro
1 box matches Ashton
3 cigarette butts

1 piece Maruchan cup o’ soup
1 piece random styrofoam

1 mylar balloon “Congratulations”
1 20oz bottle Mtn Dew
1 small bottle Smirnoff vodka
2 24oz bottles water Deer Park
1 16oz bottle water Dasani
1 16oz bottle water Poland Spring
1 16oz bottle water Aquafina
1 16oz bottle water Weis
1 16oz bottle water no label
1 10oz bottle water Pur Aqua
1 label bottle water Deer Park
1 16oz bottle Vitamin Water
1 16oz bottle Turkey Hill orange tea
4 coffee lids
1 tub hummus
1 cup pudding
1 mangled dip cup
1 spoon Miracle Gro
2 packets honey
1 flower tag Lowes coreopsis
2 straws
1 wrapper Terumo U-100 insulin
4 bottle caps
1 packet shrimp flavor (ramen noodles)
1 blunt wrapper Dutch Masters
2 wrappers Snickers bite size
1 piece mangled toy
1 black bodega bag
1 16oz bottle no label (Coca Cola?)
2 wrappers Rice Krispie Treats
1 wrapper Air Heads
1 piece mangled cottage cheese tub
1 wrapper Folgers coffee singles
1 wrapper Clif Gel
1 wrapper Honey Stinger chocolate waffle (???)
1 wrapper Snickers
1 wrapper maxi pad
1 wrapper Quaker Chewy granola bar
1 wrapper Ritz cracker sandwiches
1 bag 97.5 The Fanatic
5 pieces random plastic


0 dog shit piles
1 dog shit bag
3 dogs on leash
3 dogs off leash

– Bank next to the SEPTA Norristown Line Bridge needs cleanup on east side of bridge.
– So does the drain/bridge on north side of Wissahickon Bike Trail between SEPTA bridge and 100 Steps.
– Ridge Avenue trailhead sure could use some bike racks, duh.
– Woman walking with two small dogs on leash said “it smells great back here, the earth.”
– Two enormous tulip poplar trees on Kelpius Trail where it crosses Hermit Lane.
– Small grove of tall pine trees just above tulips on Hermit Lane.
– Golf Course Run needs cleanup along Yellow Trail.
– Area under Walnut Lane Bridge around Yellow Trail needs cleanup (as usual).
– The amount of golf balls around the Yellow Trail around the golf course is never not funny.
– Area surrounding the trash can at Kitchens Lane is trashed.
– Humid late summer day? Enjoy these mosquitoes. Ugh.

* * *

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One Man’s Trash: Week 36 Report

WEEK 36: Chestnut Hill College to Allens Lane & Lincoln Drive

1 t-shirt Philadelphia Rock & Roll Half Marathon
1 shirt (shredded)
1 children’s shoe Nike velcro

6 golf balls
2 lacrosse balls
1 hockey puck

2 packs Newport (1 hard box)
1 cigarette butt

1 16oz cup
1 10oz cup
1 piece random styrofoam

1 Royal color pencil (red)
1 hair tie
1 Trek bike part
1 pair mangled sunglasses
1 dryer sheet
1 dog collar
1 unidentifiable metal and rubber part

1 box 24-pack Bud Light
1 box Black & Mild cream blunts
1 box Tastykake peach pie

1 40oz bottle Miller Lite
1 12oz bottle Heineken
1 10oz bottle Sprite (old school)
1 12oz bottle clear no label

2 25oz cans Bud Ice
1 24oz can Arizona iced tea
1 Tastykake pie tin
1 25oz can Natural Ice
1 12oz can Coors Light
2 12oz cans Budweiser (1 pull tab)
1 12oz can Bud Light
1 ball aluminum foil
1 can Great Value chunky mixed fruit

1 16oz bottle Arizona iced tea
1 34oz(!) bottle Sprite
1 24oz bottle water Poland Spring
2 16oz bottles water Poland Spring
1 16oz bottle water Crystal
1 label bottle water Niagara
1 label bottle water Propel Zero
1 blunt wrapper Backwoods
1 blunt wrapper Palma
1 wrapper Blue Bunny Big Dipper
1 straw
1 tampon wrapper
1 wrapper Kit Kat bite size
1 Ziploc bag
1 16oz bottle Sunkist grape soda
1 wrapper Fiber One
1 16oz bottle Gatorade
1 pouch Capri Sun
1 coffee cup lid
1 wrapper Clif Bar chocolate chip
1 large bag Tostitos Scoops
1 plastic wrap Natural Light
1 16oz bottle Snapple iced tea
1 14oz bottle Rosenberger’s Grabba Milk
1 black bodega bag
4 pieces random plastic
1 red solo cup
1 wrapper Charms lollipop
1 wrapper GU Energy Gel espresso love
1 blunt tube
1 wrapper Redbird candy
1 tampon applicator
1 wrapper Power Bar energy bites oatmeal raisin
1 tub lid
1 bag Herr’s red hot chips

+1 Clearasil pad

1 dog shit piles
1 dog shit bag
3 dogs on leash
1 dogs off leash


– The Chestnut Hill College campus’ treatment of the Wissahickon is appalling. It’s like CHC doesn’t even know it’s there — there’s a soccer field, tennis court, two parking lots, a small alley that dead ends at a pile of dirt, and overgrown weeds surrounding a historic structure (tollhouse???) from the top of the campus to Germantown Avenue. Disgraceful.
– OH MY GOD. Hiking behind it in the Andorra Natural Area, I realized that the Cedars House is named for the grove of cedars behind it. WHOA.
– Cobweb season. Hallucinogenic drugs not advised.

* * *

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One Man’s Trash: Week 35 Report

WEEK 35: Chestnut Hill Avenue to Allens Lane & Lincoln Drive

Map/photos to come.

2 24oz cans Four Loko
2 12oz cans Budweiser
1 16oz can Hurricane
1 12oz can Busch (crushed)
1 ball aluminum foil

1 box Newport

1 mangled pair sunglasses
1 tube Mona Lisa lip gloss

1 sock (ripped)
1 fuzzy pink flip-flop

1 newspaper coupon insert
1 pamphlet Allied Barton “Dare to Be Great”
1 bag french fries
1 wrapper Wrigley’s gum
1 box Little Debbie apple pie
2 Christian brochures: “Twin Towers” and “Are Roman Catholics Christians?”

1 sport water bottle
1 16oz bottle Sunkist grape soda
1 16oz bottle water Poland Spring
1 16oz bottle water no label
1 large food container bottom
1 24oz cup
1 wrapper Milky Way Dark snack size
1 small food container lid
2 bottle caps
1 wrapper Ring Pop watermelon
1 wrapper Austin’s cheese & peanut butter sandwiches
1 wrapper Laffy Taffy
1 wrapper Rice Krispie Treats
1 blunt wrapper Bluntville vanilla
1 small ice cream tub
1 wrapper Special K protein
1 wrapper Nature Valley granola bar
1 wrapper Sweet Tarts chewy
1 bag Fireside mini marshmallows
3 plastic bags
1 tag Green Team Gardeners (ugh)
2 straws
1 dimebag
4 pieces random plastic

New name for category because better than genericized brands.

3 dog shit piles
5 dog shit bags
1 dogs on leash
0 dogs off leash

– I’m hereby renaming the KLEENEXES section to TISSUES/NAPKINS/ETC. Not that I am above using a genericized trademark, it’s just more accurate. Basically any gross used disposable paper product (tissue/napkin/paper towel/toilet paper/etc).
– Still lots of flood trash at bend of creek just below Rex Avenue Bridge

* * *

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One Man’s Trash: Week 34 Report

WEEK 34: Allens Lane & Lincoln Drive to Carpenter’s Woods


My selfish goal/personal motivation for doing this project spread out over the course of a year was to get to know every corner of the park. I’m getting close to that, although there are still sections of trail that I have yet to see. And it’s admittedly shameful that I went the entire summer without making it into Houston Meadow, which makes me think I missed a wildflower bounty. Oh, the perils of the Busy Modern Man.

Nuts to that, man, let’s get in the woods.

Map to come.

* * *



On 5 September 2014, I did fill one PA state store bag and one Acme shopping bag

1 12oz bottle Blue Moon Summer Honey Wheat
1 12oz bottle Yuengling Lager
1 12oz bottle Miller High Life
1 12oz bottle Lionhead
1 6oz green bottle no label


1 12oz can Coors Light
2 12oz cans Bud Light
1 12oz can Rolling Rock
1 pc can Busch

1 random pc styrofoam

1 tag Scott’s Lawn Pesticide Treated Area

1 kickstand(?)
1 3-pack fishing lures (worms)
1 plastic kitchen cup with teapot patch inside double walls

1 Eagles hat

1 44oz cup Wawa
2 20oz bottles Gatorade
2 20oz bottles Pepsi no labels
1 24oz bottle Day’s pale dry soda
1 16oz bottle water Nirvana
1 16oz bottle water Niagara
1 16oz bottle water Crystal Geyser
1 16oz bottle water no label
1 8oz bottle water Acadia
1 16oz bottle water Fiji
1 wrapper Camel cigarettes
5 random pcs plastic
1 jar hand soap Dial For Kids bubblegum scent
1 bag Herr’s chips
1 label Gatorade
1 label bottle water Nestlé Pure Life
1 ice cream tub
1 ziploc bag
1 wrapper Quest Bar protein bar
1 wrapper Hello Kitty fruit snack
1 spoon
1 blunt wrapper Palma
1 blunt wrapper Swisher Sweets
2 bodega bags
2 wrapper corners


1 box Camel

0 dog shit piles
1 dog shit bags
2 dogs on leash
7 dogs off leash

– Devil’s Pool actually not that bad for a couple days after Labor Day
– The backyard and deck that hang out over Carpenters Trail off of Mt Pleasant Place is a total mess — litter, pieces of decomposing plastic, a tire. Be better neighbors to the park literally in your backyard, jeez.

* * *


* * *

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