One Man’s Trash: Week 31 Report

WEEK 31: Devil’s Pool work party

Crew of four plus a dozen helpers
Crew of four plus a dozen helpers

For a group of four people (me, Sarah, Seth, and Eric, who is vacating his post as FOW’s volunteer coorindator — best of luck, buddy), we sure made quick work of the cleanup. And when we were staging the bags to be moved out to Livezey Lane for removal, a group of summer camp kids from Ambler were coming through and gave us a hand doing so. Right on.

Map/additional photos to come.

– A group of four volunteers and FOW’s Eric Falk removed approximately 10 heavy duty garbage bags of trash, plus a perfectly usable Coleman cooler, a target shopping basket, and a volleyball.
– Bottle caps are a royal pain in the ass, especially when they are in quantity. One rain and they’re caked in to the ground. So small and tedious to clean up.

* * *

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