One Man’s Trash: Week 26 Report

WEEK 26: Leverington Avenue to Emlen Street

Map/photos to come.

1 soccer ball USA (during World Cup!)
1 tennis ball
1 plastic golf ball (cat toy?)

1 container dental floss
1 beach tag Ocean City, New Jersey

1 glove
1 flip-flop

1 box Newport

1 wrapper Wawa hoagie
1 Christian brochure, Shalom at Last (Jewish to Christian conversion)

1 12oz can Natural Light

1 ½ gallon jug Turkey Hill lemonade tea
1 2 ltr bottle Diet Pepsi
1 40oz bottle Olde English “shatterproof”
1 24oz bottle Day’s orange soda
1 16oz bottle Minute Maid lemonade
1 16oz bottle Sunkist
1 16oz bottle Gatorade
1 16oz bottle Turkey Hill raspberry tea
1 16oz bottle water Nirvana
1 24oz bottle water Deer Park
1 16oz bottle water Dasani
1 16oz bottle water Acadia
1 16oz bottle water no label
1 24oz bottle water Resource
1 16oz bottle water no label (No. 5 brand?)
1 label bottle water Aquafina
1 blunt wrapper White Owl grape
1 blunt wrapper Cosa Nostra
1 blunt wrapper Palma vanilla
1 blunt wrapper Swisher Sweets white grape
1 bag My Essentials white bread
1 blunt wrapper Tastykake pretzel rod
1 bag Whole Foods Hodgepodge Harvest trail mix
1 wrapper Cheeseheads string cheese
1 sandwich bag
1 big bag Doritos Cool Ranch
2 bags Keystone party mix
1 random piece plastic


0 dog shit piles
4 dog shit bags
1 dogs on leash
0 dogs off leash

– Left trash grabber somewhere in Manayunk. Aarrrrrggh!!!!!
– Porcelain dump site just above Yellow Trail just north of Leverington Street. These have a historical name but I can’t remember what it is.
– Gorgas Creek needs a good proper cleanup from trailhead at Gorgas Lane all the way down to Forbidden Drive.

* * *

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