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One Man’s Trash: Week 25 Report

WEEK 25: Devil’s Pool work party

Solid and fast work on a Wednesday morning by a crew of around a dozen with Friends of the Wissahickon. Took around an hour for group to fully clean up Devil’s Pool. (Took about six more for it to be trashed again.)

All told, there were 20 bags of nasty trash (either wet, muddy/dirty, or disgusting, like used diapers) and 5 bags of recyclables.

Photos to come.




TANK TOPS 6 (one burned)

1 lipstick tube


1 dog shit pile
2 dog shit bags
1 dog on leash
1 dog off leash

– Devil’s Pool work party with Eric Falk from FOW and about 10 volunteers.
– Eric: “This is the worst I’ve ever seen it.” (It was bad.)
– 20 bags of trash, 5 bags of recyclables.
– Contents at bottom of trash can on high south side of Devil’s Pool set on fire, what’s left of trash bag singed to side of can. SMH.

* * *

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One Man’s Trash: Week 24 Report

WEEK 24: Wissahickon Transfer Center to Henry Avenue

Map/photos to come.

1 pair boys Star Wars Underoos

1 3-ring binder (blue)
1 can Grizzly snuff
1 syringe (with needle cap)
1 electronic compass
1 packet generic yellow mustard (unopened)
1 piece random ceramic

30 pieces random styrofoam

2 12oz coffee cups
1 box Tums
1 postcard Mt Airy Learning Tree
1 receipt Ross Dress for Less $19.06

1 12oz can Barq’s
1 12oz can Natural Bohemian
1 bottle cap Victory

1 16oz bottle Red Dog
1 12oz bottle brown no label
1 8oz bottle green no label
1 small bottle Jack Daniel’s bourbon

1 bundle burlap
1 ring from cap of gallon jug
2 coffee cup lids
1 10oz cup smashed
3 wrapper corners
1 small gasket
1 rubber widget
1 20oz bottle Powerade
1 packet McDonald’s ketchup
1 wrapper Air Heads candy
1 small dip cup
1 wrapper Oreo cookies
1 16oz bottle water Sparkling (brand, not sparkling water)
3 16oz bottles water no label
1 8oz bottle water Deer Park
1 label bottle water Nirvana
1 label bottle water Aquafina
1 label bottle water Pur Aqua
1 label bottle water Kirkland (who?)
1 wrapper Snickers
2 dog shit bags unused
1 dimebag
3 pieces random plastic


0 dog shit piles
0 dog shit bags
0 dogs on leash
0 dogs off leash

– Short hike included as part of my contribution to Independence Pass 2014 (riding SEPTA all day across entire region); gathered trash, placed bag off trail under Henry Avenue Bridge to retrieve following day.
– First ever no-dog day — no dogs on trail, no dog shits.
– Jeez this small area is dirty.

* * *

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CLASSIC SKYLINE: Independence Pass (June 2009)

Classic Skyline is a semi-occasional feature that revisits stories of 21st Century Philadelphia. This one was originally posted 8 June 2009.

Greetings, friends! I apologize for the lack of frequency in which this web site has provided updates; I have big plans for it, just gotta find the time for ’em. One of the big goals is to make it even more photo driven than ever, something that’ll come into sight over the next week like the El rumbling out of the darkness of the tunnel under the Schuylkill and into the fluorescent light of 15th Street. (With apologies to the SEPTA Poet.) This and I have some catching up to do on photos, maps, and stats for One Man’s Trash. All in due time, promise.

In June 2009, shortly after SEPTA unveiled their new single-day Independence Pass, a group of four of us photographin’ friends spent that single-day traveling as far as SEPTA would take us, each documenting his personal journey. We met in the morning at Market East Station (at Starbucks), went our separate ways, and met back at Market East (at Field House pub) in the evening; we clocked in and clocked out from the same station, worked a full shift in the field from 9am to 6pm, and the following week rolled out our respective results in four individual photo essays.

And here we are five years later. SEPTA’s Independence Pass, $10 in 2009, is $12 now, a fair price indeed for a full day’s worth of travel to everywhere SEPTA goes (minus the Regional Rail service to Trenton and West Trenton, which each incur an added $5 should you see a need to travel to New Jersey on a SEPTA day pass). 6 June 2009 was a Saturday; as I quickly discovered on my own journey that day, SEPTA’s Saturday schedule is a little lacking. The four of us had kicked around the idea of encoring the series this coming Sunday, but as everyone knows, SEPTA’s Sunday schedule is even worse.

So instead, we’re doing it this Friday, on a weekday schedule. Chris Dougherty, Steve Ives, Brad Maule, Steve Weinik, FRIDAY THE 13TH. Four dudes, four cameras, one day, one public transit system. And we’ll post our results on this here web site next week—just like we did five years ago. Check out our respective essays with the links below.

—B. Maule

Back at the end of March, Septa announced that they would be rolling out a brand new One Day Independence Pass, a $10 pass ($25 for a family of up to five) that’s valid for a full day on all forms of Septa’s transit — regional rail, subway, el, trolley, bus, all of them. The new pass differed from the existing $6 Convenience Pass, which was only valid for eight rides and did not include any regional rail use. A previous $5.50 Day Pass, the subject of a December 2004 Philly Skyline photo essay was valid for unlimited rides on all forms of transit except regional rail, which was allotted one ride.

The new Independence Pass is good for everything, including a partnership with Center City District that allows for rides on the Phlash. A singular side note is that trips originating from the New Jersey stations (Trenton, West Trenton) incur an additional $5 fee.

Septa brands the Independence Pass, more or less, as a way for suburbanites to spend a day at Philadelphia’s tourist sites:

A family, for example, can board a Regional Rail train in Lansdale, connect with the PHLASH bus at Suburban Station for a trip to the Zoo and then return to Center City for dinner before taking the train back home.

(If there was a regional rail station at the Zoo, which can absolutely be done, a suburbanite’s day would not involve a ride all the way to Center City just to transfer to a tourist bus. By the way.)

While suburbanites and their children very well may be boarding in Lansdale and heading to the zoo with a stop at the Spaghetti Warehouse on the way home, I thought the Independence Pass was good cause for a good project carried out by good people with a good eye (and a good reserve of patience). On Saturday morning, I met with The Necessity For Ruins‘ Chris Dougherty,‘s Steve Weinik, and Philly Skyline resident Septa expert Steve Ives, whose archive recently got a much needed makeover.

Our starting point was 9am at the Starbucks in the Marriott, directly across the street from Septa’s 1234 Market headquarters and right upstairs from Market East Station. From there, the wind — and Septa — would carry us wherever it would carry us, each one going his own way with a single deadline of meeting back up at 6 at the Field House pub, at the top of the stairway from Market East Station. We’d depart and reunite at the same location, a full and individual shift of riding Septa and photography in between.

There were no rules or requisites. Each person could ride as many or as few forms of Septa’s vehicles as desired. There were no assignments; photos of trains, people, buildings, signs, rivers, animals — it was all acceptable.

Would the four of us make it through the day without any trouble? Would we be hassled by sensitive bus drivers? Overzealous transit cops? Hustlers on 52nd Street? Would any of us actually ride all of Septa’s forms of vehicle? Visit all five PA counties they cover?

Stay tuned.

In the next four days, we’ll be rolling out our respective efforts, one per day. Steve Ives, Chris Dougherty, Steve Weinik, and R Bradley Maule will each exhibit a day’s worth of travel on Septa, in a uniform format: 40 photos with simple captions and a companion written essay to tell their tale of the day. It begins tomorrow.

Watch the closing doors.

–B Love

To view the respective essays, please click the images below.

One Man’s Trash: Week 23 Report

WEEK 23: Kitchens Lane to Carpenter’s Woods

* National Trails Day: work party stabilizing Orange Trail between Kitchens Lane and Mt Airy Avenue.

1 tennis ball

1 pair black tube socks
2 ankle socks (unrelated)
2 flip-flop soles

1 frisbee Kingswood Camp
1 rubber balloon (still slightly inflated)
1 tag Gilden t-shirt
1 toothbrush Oral B
1 paint(?) roller
4 packets Heinz ketchup unopened
1 tag Wawa teabag
1 broken bike tire reflector
1 tripod mount
1 piece random ceramic with coat hook

1 bag Dunkin Donuts
2 wrappers Double Bubble gum
1 box Yuengling 12-pack
1 receipt Dunkin Donuts
1 receipt Wawa order
1 box Oreo cookies
1 wrapper Now & Later apple

3 pieces random styrofoam

1 40oz bottle Budweiser
1 12oz bottle Angry Orchard

1 12oz can Coors Light
1 16oz can Sunkist orange soda
1 12oz can Rolling Rock
1 12oz can Fanta
1 12oz can Nestea
1 12oz can Dr Pepper
1 12oz can Miller High Life
1 16oz can Budweiser
4 12oz cans Natural Light

2 24oz bottles no label (1 green 1 clear)
1 tub fishing bait
1 blue solo cup
1 16oz bottle Gatorade
2 32oz bottles Gatorade
1 12oz bottle Gatorade
2 straws
1 piece smashed red solo cup
6 wrapper corners
5 pieces random plastic
1 16oz bottle water Acadia
2 16oz bottles water Poland Spring
1 16oz bottle water Ice Canyon
1 16oz bottle water Poland Spring
1 16oz bottle water Dasani
1 8oz bottle water no label
1 20oz bottle water no label
1 label bottle water Nestlé Pure Life
1 label bottle water Poland Spring
1 8oz bottle Ensure Plus
1 6oz bottle Kool Aid Bursts
3 Ziploc bags
1 16oz cup Budweiser
1 12oz cup Wawa
1 20oz cup Wawa
1 prescription discount card
1 bag Doritos
1 blunt wrapper White Owl pineapple
1 wrapper generic chewy granola bar
1 bag Smartfood popcorn
1 label Black Rapid (???)
1 wrapper Essentials lint roller

0 dog shit piles
0 dog shit bags
4 dogs on leash
7 dogs off leash

– Solid day stabilizing parts of Orange Trail between Kitchens Lane and Mt Airy Ave with Friends of the Wissahickon.
– Man the crossing at Wissahickon Ave between Carpenter’s Woods and Carpenter’s Trail into the Wissahickon proper sucks.

* * *

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One Man’s Trash: Week 22 Report

WEEK 22: Emlen Street to Rex Avenue

Maps/photos to come.

2 jars Classico pasta sauce no label

1 crushed food container
6 pcs random styrofoam

1 12oz can 7-Up

2 pcs random ceramic
1 cap(?) Odi(?)

1 small dog-oriented tennis ball

Star Wars children’s underwear

1 12oz bottle water Nirvana
1 16oz bottle Canada Dry ginger ale
1 16oz bottle Gatorade
1 24oz bottle Gatorade
2 2oz bottles 5 Hour Energy
1 .5oz bottle eyedrops Refresh Liquigel
1 small container those 25¢ machines dispense toys from at supermarkets
1 wrapper David sunflower seeds
1 label bottle water Nestlé Pure Life
1 pc random duct tape
2 wrapper corners
1 label Cento tuna
3 pcs random plastic


0 dog shit piles
1 dog shit bag
0 dogs on leash
0 dogs off leash

– no dogs encountered on trail – weird!
– tire at intersection of Cresheim and White Trails
– 8oz bottles of water (or smaller) are the most wasteful, vile things

* * *

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