One Man’s Trash: Week 24 Report

WEEK 24: Wissahickon Transfer Center to Henry Avenue

Map/photos to come.

1 pair boys Star Wars Underoos

1 3-ring binder (blue)
1 can Grizzly snuff
1 syringe (with needle cap)
1 electronic compass
1 packet generic yellow mustard (unopened)
1 piece random ceramic

30 pieces random styrofoam

2 12oz coffee cups
1 box Tums
1 postcard Mt Airy Learning Tree
1 receipt Ross Dress for Less $19.06

1 12oz can Barq’s
1 12oz can Natural Bohemian
1 bottle cap Victory

1 16oz bottle Red Dog
1 12oz bottle brown no label
1 8oz bottle green no label
1 small bottle Jack Daniel’s bourbon

1 bundle burlap
1 ring from cap of gallon jug
2 coffee cup lids
1 10oz cup smashed
3 wrapper corners
1 small gasket
1 rubber widget
1 20oz bottle Powerade
1 packet McDonald’s ketchup
1 wrapper Air Heads candy
1 small dip cup
1 wrapper Oreo cookies
1 16oz bottle water Sparkling (brand, not sparkling water)
3 16oz bottles water no label
1 8oz bottle water Deer Park
1 label bottle water Nirvana
1 label bottle water Aquafina
1 label bottle water Pur Aqua
1 label bottle water Kirkland (who?)
1 wrapper Snickers
2 dog shit bags unused
1 dimebag
3 pieces random plastic


0 dog shit piles
0 dog shit bags
0 dogs on leash
0 dogs off leash

– Short hike included as part of my contribution to Independence Pass 2014 (riding SEPTA all day across entire region); gathered trash, placed bag off trail under Henry Avenue Bridge to retrieve following day.
– First ever no-dog day — no dogs on trail, no dog shits.
– Jeez this small area is dirty.

* * *

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