One Man’s Trash: Week 18 Report

WEEK 18: Johnson Street to Carpenter’s Woods

Comments/maps/photos to come.

105(!!!) dog shit bags (unused)
10 nasty grocery bags that were in Mt Airy Run
1 sport water bottle Specialized
1 1/2 gallon tea (no label)
1 16oz bottle water Nestlē Pure Life
12oz bottle Gatorade Frost
1 wrapper tampon
1 random piece planter
2 straws
3 pieces twine (resembles Twizzler)
1 blunt wrapper Palma
1 Ziploc bag
1 knot fishing line
4 plastic bags
1 giant piece of burlap
1 label Octan Energy

2 pieces random styrofoam

1 warning label Scott’s Pesticide Treatment Area
1 wrapper Wrigley gum
1 receipt Weavers Way
1 pack snell baitholder

3 pieces aluminum serving tray
1 12oz can Budweiser
1 12oz can Dr Pepper
2 12oz cans Schlitz

1 bike pedal reflector
1 piece plaid fabric

1 horse whip(?)


1 pack Newport
1 cigarette butt

6 dog shit piles
11 dog shit bags
21 dogs on leash
31 dogs off leash



– Monoshone Creek is filthy at Rittenhouse Town, too much to collect.
– You’re adorable and durable.
– Tone Loc Bird call: “cheeba cheeba cheeba”
– THUNDER. Araaraaraaraaa. THUNDER.
– Holy mother of GOD there is a lot of poison ivy out there. The Orange Trail between Kitchens Lane and Mt Airy Avenue physically dares you to step one foot off trail.
– Keeripes! There must be a secret dog shit bag factory on Mt Airy Avenue, because the Mt Airy Run is wholly littered with them every time it rains. This is the second time I’ve cleaned the creek between Wissahickon Creek and the arch bridge over the Mt Airy Trail, and this time there were over 100. (105!)

* * *

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One thought on “One Man’s Trash: Week 18 Report

  1. We do walks with the stroller around Carpenter’s Woods once or twice a week and always carry the trash grabber. If we go a week without a walk, we’ll easily fill up the bottom of the double stroller the next time out. Your itemized lists caught my eye. I’ve never kept a list myself, but the top 2 items, without question, are blueberry blunt wrappers (multiple brands, but always blueberry) and empty Bud Ice pounders. The blunt wrappers are always around the Sherman St. entrance – probably smoked at the bench on the path, and the pounders are wherever he happens to finish, never crushed. I’ve narrowed the beer cans drops down to sometime between 3-5 pm during the week. If you happen upon someone taking a stroll while sipping a Bud Ice, please post a pic. I’d love to meet them. Thanks for picking, and it’s good to know there are others fighting the good fight.

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