One Man’s Trash: Week 17 Report

WEEK 17: Allens Lane & Lincoln Drive to Emlen Street


1 floppy frisbee
1 golf ball
1 small (dog) tennis ball

1 pair pink gloves
1 pink tank top (American Eagle Outfitters)
1 black headband
1 t-shirt (St Bede’s track & field)

3 10oz cups
1 16oz cup Dunkin Donuts
24 piece random styrofoam

1 40oz bottle (brown no label)
1 16oz bottle Mistic (Bahama blueberry)
1 16oz bottle soda (clear no label)
1 16oz bottle Bud Light Platinum

1 16oz coffee cup Wawa
1 box Wawa chicken quesadilla
1 bag Wawa cheddar stuffed pretzel
1 package Washable Face Paint
1 label 26” foam saber
1 receipt William Jones Memorial Library

1 12oz cam Fresca
1 12oz can Orange Crush
3 12oz cans Natural Ice
1 16oz can Miller Lite
1 lid Blistex lip medex
1 12oz can Colt 45 (pull tab)
1 12oz can Budweiser
1 12oz can Rolling Rock
1 12oz can Coca-Cola
2 12oz cans Miller High Life (pull tabs)
1 12oz can Pepsi
1 small can Armour Vienna Sausage

2 skulls (raccoon?)
1 compact case (Monster)
1 piece red ribbon
1 pacifier
1 Nerf bullet
1 Pilot pen
1 bike pedal reflector
1 chip clip with blue ribbon attached
2 pieces random broken ceramic
1 piece random fabric
1 Harborside Health Clinic doob tube
1 lid deodorant

1 real estate sign (Michael Byrne)
1 part street construction sign
1 medium planter (black)
1 hot dog container Wawa
1 32oz cup McDonald’s
1 16oz cup 7-Eleven Gulp
1 16oz cup Wawa
1 12oz Keystone Light party cup
1 32oz bottle Gatorade Frost
1 25oz bottle water Nestlē Pure Life
1 20oz bottle Pepsi
1 small bottle Sutter Home sweet red wine
1 20oz bottle water Deer Park
1 16oz bottle water Deer Park
1 20oz bottle Gatorade Frost
1 20oz bottle Arizona fruit punch
2 16oz bottles water (no label)
1 16oz(?) bottle unidentifiable
1 small bottle Kool-Aid Bursts
1 16oz cup Auntie Anne’s
1 16oz bottle water PurAqua
1 mylar balloon (pentagon shaped)
1 plastic bag Barnes & Noble
1 plastic bag KFC
2 Ziploc bags
1 baggie
1 shipping envelope
2 bodega bags
4 soda lids
3 straws
1 rubber glove
1 plant tab Pansy
1 pack snelled baitholder
1 bag Herr’s kettle chips
1 bag Pathmark meals to go
1 pouch Gu energy gel
1 bag Cheetos
1 wrapper Air Heads candy
1 label Gatorade
1 label Smart Sense water
1 wrapper Jungle Jollies candy
1 bag TGIFriday’s potato skins
1 bag Herr’s potato chips salt & vinegar
1 bag sour neon Nightcrawlers
1 label Poland Spring water


1 pack Marlboro menthol
1 pack Newport
1 pack Marlboro
2 cigarette butts

3 dog shit piles
7 dog shit bags
2 dogs on leash
3 dogs off leash



– I commonly mistake birch bark for litter. (Ho HO.)
– Nelson Bird call: HA ha. HA ha. HA Ha ha.
– Little chatty bluish gray birds under brush.
– Cresheim Valley not too devastated by the flood that crushed the Schuylkill.
– Poison ivy is from the angriest plant family. It’s so nondescript and boring looking that it’s not even pedigree—it is a mutt with its irregular hillbilly teeth. Urushiol and all those who swim on it, PLEASE DIE.
– Lots of starlings on the edge of Cresheim Creek.
– Tire at Cresheim Creek II @ White Trail
– “Wooden ostrich” on fallen log on Orange Trail below the Covered Bridge.
– When you pick trash in the woods, you need a quality all purpose tool. You need a Leatherman. @leatherman, Portland, OR.
– When you hike in the woods after a torrential storm, you need reliable boots. You need Timberland boots. @timberland, Stratham, NH.

* * *

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