One Man’s Trash: Week 16 Report

WEEK 16: Park Line Drive to Allens Lane & Lincoln Drive


1 pair matching socks
3 other socks
1 pair women’s underwear (purple)
1 pair short shorts (white)
1 Nike Downshifter 5 (left foot)
1 boot sole

3 16oz coffee cups Wawa
10oz coffee cup Dunkin Donuts
1 7oz carton Adam & Eve apple juice
1 small box Mike & Ike
1 half sleeve EZ Wide rolling papers
1 note on brown paper (wifi login: edmodo/Ki9y7L)
1 Christian pamphlet (“What do lambs & Easter have in common?”)
1 wrapper sandwich Wawa

1 20oz cup
9 pieces random styrofoam

1 small can Pringles
1 24oz can Mega Monster energy drink
1 25oz can Bud Light Mang-o-rita
1 12oz can Pepsi wild cherry
1 12oz can Sprite
1 16oz can Olde English
2 12oz cans Rolling Rock
1 12oz can Budweiser
1 12oz can Day’s ginger ale
1 12oz can Miller High Life
1 12oz can Sly Fox Pikeland Pils
1 12oz can Yuengling lager
1 lid Mott’s apple sauce (foil)
1 square candle holder (pine tree motif)

1 40oz bottle (brown no label)
1 7oz bottle Rolling Rock
1 16oz bottle Pepsi (old school)
1 12oz bottle Shock Top
2 7oz bottles Coronita
1 22oz bottle Sierra Nevada Harvest 2013

1 1litre bottle Brisk iced tea
1 32oz bottle Gatorade lemon lime
1 16oz bottle Barq’s root beer
1 24oz bottle Pepsi
1 25oz bottle water Poland Spring
2 16oz bottles water Nestlē Pure Life
1 24oz bottle water Deer Park
6 16oz bottles water (no label)
1 16oz bottle Powerade
1 20oz bottle water Poland Springs “Nature’s Blend” lemon lime
2 16oz bottles soda (no label)
1 small bottle Sutter Home moscato
1 Little Hug barrel
1 12oz bottle Bausch & Lomb Renu contact solution
4 coffee lids
5 random bottle caps
1 container Mott’s apple sauce
1 blunt wrapper Swisher Sweets tropical fusion
1 packet mayonnaise
1 packet buttermilk ranch dressing
5 stirring straws
1 pack Kern Ridge baby carrots (unopened)
1 condom wrapper (Trojan)
1 pouch Capri Sun wild cherry
1 Cushion Pill inflatable packing cushion
1 label Poland Spring water
2 small wrappers Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews
1 lid 7-Eleven Fresh to Go salad container
1 lid Pringles
2 dimebags (1 plain, 1 Playboy)
1 packet Crystal Light On the Go
2 dog shit bags (unused)
2 pieces random plastic

1 Lockheed Martin cloth frisbee
1 small phillips head screwdriver
1 comb
1 ink tube from pen
1 rear bike light
1 Matchbox car (no wheels)
1 small fabric rose
1 dog collar
1 cloth Lidoderm


1 sleeve Camel
2 packs Newport
1 pack Marlboro
5 cigarette butts

1 dog shit pile
4 dog shit bags
2 dogs on leash
6 dogs off leash

* New category (1) this week. I love cyclists and think mountain biking is awesome. This is just a matter of gathering park user information.

* New category (2) this week. I love horses and think riding horses is awesome. So are the stables around the park. This is just a matter of gathering park user information.

– Man does the connection between Carpenter’s Woods and Wissahickon Park proper suck. For as lovely as Carpenter’s Woods is (what a magnificent neighborhood park), that you have to walk on very busy Wissahickon Avenue is a drag. Plus there’s always tons of litter there from people who throw it out their car. If a trail can’t go under the really old Wissahickon Ave superstructure (and it can’t, because money), there at least ought to be a trail to the corner of Mt Pleasant and Wissahickon with a state law pedestrian crossing and new painted stripes there. And the dog who lives at the house where the Ellet Trail dumps you onto Wissahickon Ave is always barking and barking and barking.
– There should be a trail along Carpenter’s Run from Kitchens Lane to the trail at Scotforth Rd.
– The trailhead at the corner of Mt Pleasant Ave & Mt Pleasant Pl (the nexus of pleasant Philadelphia) could be better marked.
– Cardinal sound: peel peel woop woop woop wupwupwupwup
– Problem area: area below Climbers Rock to Orange Trail.
– Tire below Climbers Rock and above Orange Trail.
– Hunk of metal on beach below Orange Trail at Climbers Rock.
– For the first time, there was real craft beer litter: a 22oz bottle of Sierra, a 12oz can of Sly Fox.

* * *

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