One Man’s Trash: Week 14 Report

WEEK 14: Emlen Street to Chestnut Hill Avenue


Comments and photos to come.

1 12oz bottle (old green no label)
1 10oz bottle Pepsi (old school)
2 12oz bottles Foster’s
1 12oz bottle Landshark
1 12oz bottle Budweiser
2 pieces random broken glass

1 food tub
2 pieces random styrofoam

1 gray sweatshirt
1 pink baby sock
1 tan/white(?) t-shirt

1 wrapper Wrigley’s gum
2 bag checks (US Airways)

1 Nalgene
1 half gallon bottle Welch’s grape juice
1 16oz Sierra Mist Natural
1 18oz bottle Pure Leaf Tea
1 16oz bottle Orange Crush
1 16oz bottle Vitamin Water acai blueberry
1 12oz bottle Wawa tea
1 16oz bottle water Kirkland
1 24oz bottle Pepsi
1 16oz bottle water B Just the Basics
3 16oz bottles water (no labels)
1 20oz bottle water (no label)
1 tub Dannon Light Greek yogurt
2 red Solo cups
1 food tub and lid
1 wrapper Herr’s peanut butter cheese crackers
1 spoon
1 lollipop stick
1 bag Planter’s Nut-rition (unopened)
1 small wrapped Red Bird candy
3 unused dog bags
2 tabs E-Gel (“Just Don’t Litter” on them)
1 label 5 Hour Energy Drink
1 label Kirkland bottle water
1 label Deer Park bottle water
1 label Acadia bottle water
1 wrapper Kellogg’s Super Mario fruit snacks
1 Ziploc bag
1 pouch Capri Sun (wild cherry)
1 bag Ruffles potato chips (cheddar and sour cream)
1 random jar lid

1 Whip-It cartridge
1 24oz can Keystone Ice
1 24oz can Arizona peach tea
5 12oz cans Natural Light
2 12oz cans Natural Ice
1 12oz can Pepsi
1 8oz can Bud Light Lime-A-Rita
2 12oz cans Miller Lite
2 12oz cans Budweiser
1 12oz can Budweiser Select
1 12oz can Sunkist
1 12oz can Miller High Life (pull tab)
1 part of a pipe

1 broom head
3 cigarette butts
1 twist-tie romaine lettuce
1 plastic ring toy
1 large oyster shell
1 can Axe Body Spray dark temptation
1 secret kit:
1 pair glasses frames
1 toy Grape Splash can (mini)
1 pencil sharpener
3 small alien figurines
1 flattened penny
1 glass blown rainbow
1 Ziploc bag with pen and pad: College of Design, University of Minnesota

2 pink rubber balls

1 dog shit piles
7 dog shit bags
0 dogs on leash
4 dogs off leash


– Big pile of giant pieces of styrofoam just below Emlen Street
– Tire iron on east side of Cresheim Creek above Telner-St Martin Bridge
– Evening bird calls: “pretty bird pretty bird pretty bird”; “weep weep weep weep”; “sweet sweet sweet”; “birdy birdy birdy birdy”
– Hooboy, this was the hike with The Off-Leash Dog Incident

* * *

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  1. Scary and awesome narrative – sort of a walking archaeological surface survey, fascinating.

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