One Man’s Trash: Week 13 Report

WEEK 13: Carpenter’s Woods to Green Lane


Comments and photos to come.

20 golf balls
1 golf ball shell
1 pink rubber ball

1 shoe inset
1 towel (tan)
1 knit hat (Comcast)

1 thick Sharpie (black)
2 packs Newport cigarettess
1 small US flag
1 piece random fabric
1 seashell princess wristband(???)
17 cigarette butts
1 rubber band
1 piece ribbon (pink)

1 32oz jar (old)
1 12oz Bud Light Platinum
1 7oz bottle (green no label)
1 12oz bottle Smirnoff Ice
1 12oz bottle (brown no label)
1 12oz bottle Bud Light Lime
1 half broken bottle

1 napkin
1 coffee sleeve (Menthos)
1 tub Rita’s water ice
1 12oz coffee cup Wawa
1 32oz McDonald’s cup
1 wrapper Wrigley’s gum
1 7oz carton Adam & Eve organic apple juice

2 14oz cups Dunkin Donuts coffee
3 pieces random styrofoam

1 16oz bottle Wawa green tea
1 24oz Brisk lemon tea
5 16oz bottles water (no labels)
1 16oz bottle water Wave
1 6oz bottle water (no label)
1 16oz bottle water Whole Foods 365
1 16oz bottle Rosenberger’s Dairy Grabba Iced Tea
1 16oz bottle Tropicana orange juice (no pulp)
1 16oz cup (purple)
1 tub Kraft macaroni & cheese
1 tub Cesar dog food
1 16oz bottle water Acme
1 packet McDonald’s ketchup
1 wrapper Quaker chewy granola bar
1 2oz bottle BioKult
1 food tub with lid
1 coffee lid
1 spoon
3 pieces random plastic (hard green)
1 comb (pink)
1 wrapper Brown Sugar Cinnamon (generic Pop Tart?)
1 bag Herr’s potato chips
2 random bottle caps
1 bag Doritos
1 wrapper Almond Joy
1 wrapper Butterfinger
1 bag Frito Lay sunflower seeds
1 label Simply H2O water bottle
2 pouches Capri Sun (1 Pacific Cooler, 1 Surfer Cooler)
1 label Aquafina water bottle
3 coffee lids
1 piece reflector
2 wrappers Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews
1 wrapper Fla-vor-Ice
1 wrapper Butterfinger snackers
1 wrapper Game blunt
1 wrapper A Strawberry Walks Into a Bar cereal bar
1 CD shrink wrap Justin TImberlake FutureSex/LoveSounds
1 wrapper Reese’s Big Cup
1 lid Speak! Tender Beef

1 23oz Arizona Sweet Tea
1 23oz can Colt 45 grape blast(!)
1 16oz can Colt 45
2 1oz cans Busch
1 random pull tab lid
1 16oz can Schaefer (pull tab)
1 16oz can Yuengling lager
1 12oz can Yuengling lager
3 12oz cans Coors Light
1 12oz can Old Milwaukee
1 12oz can Keystone Light
1 8oz can Red Bull
2 12oz cans Mountain Dew
1 12oz can Miller Genuine Draft
3 12oz cans Miller High Life (pull tabs)
1 12oz can Coca Cola
1 12oz can A&W root beer
1 piece random foil
1 12oz can Pabst
7 12oz cans Budweiser (2 pull tabs)
1 12oz can Natural Light
1 12oz can Natural Ice

0 dog shit piles
7 dog shit bags
0 dogs on leash
0 dogs off leash

– There is one person who really likes Camel cigarettes and walks in Carpenter’s Woods. There were so many butts on the trails there.
– It was a torrential downpour so no one else was out. I mean it was POURING. Despite the rain gear I was drenched when I got to the Roxborough Foodery to hang with my dear friend Edan.
– There are a lot of golf balls next to the golf course.
– Problem areas: the west bank of Wissahickon Creek below the WPA outbuilding at Kitchens Lane; under Henry Avenue bridge at Jannette/Monastery

* * *

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