One Man’s Trash: Week 3 Report

Three bridges, one iphone HDR jawn
Three bridges, one iphone HDR jawn

WEEK 3 (MLK Day): Ten Box to Carpenter’s Woods

Friends of the Wissahickon held a cleanup for the Martin Luther King Day of Service along the Monoshone and Wissahickon Creeks, starting at Rittenhouse Town and working downstream toward Ridge Avenue. My own haul from the cleanup included a pair of XXL Dallas Cowboys mesh shorts appropriately filled with mud and a friggin’ bike pulled from the Wissahickon Creek directly below the Henry Avenue Bridge.

Free bike, slightly used
Free bike, slightly used

However, the two bags I filled during the 2.5 hours with FOW (and the bike) were carted off by Philadelphia Parks & Recreation to be disposed of, along with the 30 or so bags collected by other volunteers. In the interest of no blank space for Week 3, I hiked home from Rittenhouse Town, picking up additional trash from Ten Box (the junction of Forbidden and Lincoln Drives) through Blue Bell Park and on to Carpenter’s Woods. And it went a little something like …




1 40oz bottle Colt 45
1 16oz bottle Minute Maid soda
1 12oz old brown bottle (no label)
4 12oz bottles Budweiser
1 10oz bottle Coca Cola (old school)
1 12oz bottle Pepsi (old school, broken)
1 tall candle jar (broken)

2 Quality to Go meal containers
5 20oz coffee cups
1 cup (broken in pieces)
1 piece random styrofoam

2 winter hats (1 Thinsulate, 1 no name)
1 shoe sole
1 sock
1 glove-mitten (glitten?)

1 tennis ball

Week 3 Haul
Week 3 Haul

1 pair Coby headphones
2 pieces cotton
1 koozie – Wings to Go
1 long dog leash
1 piece broken ceramic
1 pack Newport cigarettes
1 pack Kool cigarettes
5 cigarette butts
1 paintbrush
1 piece purple ribbon

1 wrapper Wrigley’s gum
1 tag(?), Hershey kiss
1 packet Gulliver sugar
1 pack matches
1 wrapper, Tornado (burrito?)
3 paper towels/napkins
1 hot dog wrapper

2 16oz cans Schaefer’s beer (one pull tab)
1 12oz can Kirsch(?) party(???) (pull tab)
1 25oz can Bud Ice
1 24oz can Yuengling Lager
1 24oz can Genny Cream Ale
1 old school razor blade
1 12oz can Modelo beer
1 12oz can Natural Lite
1 12oz can Rolling Rock
1 12oz can 7-Up
1 12oz can Miller Lite
2 12oz cans Budweiser
1 can Chunky Soup

3 packets ramen flavoring (2 beef, 1 chicken)
1 bag American Rock Salt
1 16oz Honest Ade (orange mango), inside bottle, 1 wrapper, Wisconsin colby cheese
1 16oz Honest Ade (cranberry lemonade), inside bottle, 1 wrapper, Twizzlers
1 16oz Honest Tea (peach white tea), inside bottle, 1 wrapper, Skittles
1 1.5litre bottle Pepsi
2 32oz bottles Gatorade (1 Riptide Rush (LOL), 1 Blueberry Pomegranate)
1 8oz bottle Kool-Aid Burst
2 16oz bottles water (no labels)
1 small runner’s water bottle
1 16oz bottle water (Crystal – Save-a-Lot brand)
1 16oz bottle water (Shop Rite)
1 16oz bottle water (Deer Park)
1 wrapper, Zone Perfect nutrition bar
1 pouch, Nature’s Nectar wild cherry
1 bag, Clancy’s potato chips (sour cream & onion)
1 wrapper, Nestle Chunky
1 wrapper, Lean Body protein bar
1 wrapper, generic ice cream sandwich
2 bags, Clancy’s tortilla chips (1 ranch, 1 nacho cheese)
5 wrappers, Nissin ramen noodles (4 beef, 1 chicken)
1 creamer cup, Irish Creme
1 wrapper, plastic spoon
1 16oz strawberry container
1 medium green plant holder
1 16oz cup, McDonald’s McCafe iced coffee
1 wrapper, Doritos
1 food container bottom half
2 random car parts (grill?)
3 red stir straws
1 iced drink lid
2 food tub lids
4 coffee cup lids
4 packets honey
1 spoon
1 wrapper Tootsie Frootsie
1 packet, Nabisco saltines
1 pack, cream cheese
1 bag, Toufayan(?) bagels (onion)
1 big clear bag
1 medium white bag
1 black 40 bag
1 pile misc plastic pieces

Dog shit piles: 1
Dog shit bags: 5
Dogs on leash: 1
Dogs off leash: 7


Ten Box parking lot, bend of the Creek at Lincoln & Forbidden Drives
Ten Box parking lot, bend of the Creek at Lincoln & Forbidden Drives

* * *

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