No, Seriously: New Philly Skyline!

Comcast Technology & Innovation Center | Rendering by Foster + Partners, courtesy of Liberty Property Trust
Comcast Technology & Innovation Center | Rendering by Foster + Partners, courtesy of Liberty Property Trust

1. Launch new Philly Skyline. 2. Comcast transform Philly Skyline. 3. ???? 4. PROFIT.

That’s some news, isn’t it? Ladies and gentlemen, the 1,121′ Comcast Technology & Innovation Center, by Lord Norman Foster. More images and info and analysis coming soon, but on the quick tip …

  • It looks like the love child of Foster’s Commerzbank building in Frankfurt and Mandeville Place.
  • Two months ago, the President of the United States partied at David Cohen’s house; two weeks ago Comcast SportsNet signed a massive long term deal to remain the Phillies’ primary TV provider; yesterday, a federal appeals court overturned Net Neutrality, giving content control to providers like Comcast; and today, Comcast announced, through the local affiliate of the television network they own, that they’re going to be the tallest on the skyline — again. Oh, and they’re the largest media and communications company in the world. Even Milhouse would agree that things are comin’ up Comcast.
  • The Four Seasons will relocate from a block away on Logan Square to the top 13 floors of the CTIC. (Are we calling it the CTIC yet? “CTIC.” “City I see.” Will it still be called CTIC by the time it opens?) And with the hotel, they’ll bring a new restaurant to the top of the building that will be open to the public. Remember when American Commerce Center was going to have an observation deck? Well, we’re getting it, it’ll just cost a $80 steak à la carte. It’ll probably be worth it, though, for a view a thousand feet up.
  • 59 stories, 1,121′. NBC 10 and Telemundo studios relocated from City Line Ave. Underground concourse extended (first proposed as part of American Commerce Center) to building.
  • Whoa. CTIC. Comcast. Foster. Liberty Property Trust. Major.
  • New Philly Skyline.

Oh — and don’t forget: Philly Skyline I covered the construction of Comcast Center I from start to finish. Relive the Comcastic glory HERE.

4 thoughts on “No, Seriously: New Philly Skyline!

  1. If you haven’t seen yet, check out the renderings at…. Including the theater in the sky (for employees) complete with a set of bleachers!

  2. Before anyone calls me out on it (Liz Spikol called me out on it), I perhaps Freudianly swapped Innovation and Technology to form CTIC, “city I see,” instead of the correct CITC, which rhymes with DITC, so I’d like to say what up to Diamond D, Showbiz & AG, and Big L (RIP). Regret the error, can I get a soul clap?

  3. Yo Brad! I heard sometime ago you were back in town! Welcome back! It must be karma, for sure. But I actually thought, “Brad had something to do with this!” I changed my e-mail to G-mail, and I had PhillySkyline on my favorites. With Comcast CTIC going up in the summer, can I assume you’ll have time to do your “infamous Fantastic progress reports?” I know you’re a busy person, and it would sure be appreciated. My offer to a “view” from my roof in Port Richmond is still on. Your Welcome to use it anytime you see “fit”. I’m retired now, no more deliveries, but Andy’s Pizza Shop sure makes a “mean basketball”! Well, hopefully I’ll run into you someday, and greet you back in person! In the meantime, keep your eyes to the sky, my friend. My Best to you, Mike

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